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When did it become standard to clutch the flag to your chest?

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I addressed the post to you because you sounded interested in knowing. Nothing in the post was meant to be addressed specifically to something you said, per se.


I know this subject is riddled with tradition and US Flag Code jargon and is often times quite confusing to the readers. There are so many things that are traditionally contrary to the US Flag Code it isn't funny. I don't mind traditions that show respect and dignity but sometimes when it runs counter to the Code, it "concerns" me a bit. I usually cut people slack for their ignorance of the Code.


For example, in a parade, ALL flags need to go to the front of the parade, not at the front of each unit. Military color guards precede civilian flag details. No one really expects the spectators to be jumping up and down like a yo-yo every time a flagged unit passes. Flags are not to be displayed on floats. Bunting and Red/White/Blue dressing is to be treated the same way as a flag. Flags are to be allowed to fly free, not held on to on windy days. Flags are to be displayed on the right fender of a car (or center hood), not the driver's side window. In a line of flags, the American Flag is out front by itself. It is only in a line, on the right, if there is ONE other flag. Flags should be flown free, not affixed to printed material, stickers, decals or clothing. I could go on and on with all the "traditions" that run counter to the US Flag Code, but I don't want to belabor the point. :)


As an interesting point of trivia, the US Postal Service did not issue stamps with US Flags on them until recent history because cancelling the stamp desecrated the flag. That level of honor for the flag has been lost to history.


I was 4-F in 1968 and the military wouldn't take me even at the height of the Vietnam War. Tried to get the rating changed, but they wouldn't budge. So I'm stuck today only emulating the military. :) My thanks to those who were able to serve and did so.



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For the most part you are preaching to the choir here. However, I do find your information about flags in a parade very interesting because it is most definitely not what the military currently does. For example, we always marched the colors to the right of multiple flags and never alone in advance, just like you see in any multi-branch military color guard on TV. Maybe it's just a military verses civilian thing.

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