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I hope you have a banner to carry to tell folks who you are and where you are from. Good PR!

Don't forget to learn and lead them in a cheer every so often.

"PACK 789! WE'RE DOING FINE!!" or some sort..



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Our Pack walked with the troop this morning, behind the troop trailer. Lots of OOOHHH and AAAHHHSS about the trailer. We also put banners on the side of the truck with the Beascout.org site and the date for Join Scouting Night. The boys had a great time waving flags and telling everybody Happy 4th. Definitely a lot of positive feedback, and good times!

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Our pack does the local community parade each year. We have a banner which the Webelos holding the banner.

The kids love it.


Some other cities do this as well they tend to put the Scouts at the front of the parade.

Our parade tends to put us fairly far back in the parade.

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