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So you want to charge the boys $25 for troop gear.

so that everyone pays for the gear they use.


what about the boys who only go on a couple of campouts a year because they have sports, or school committments? They have to pay the whole $25 even though other boys use the tents more often?


In our troop they charge an extra fee to cover the cost of basically "rental/replacement" of the troop equipment. usually it's like $5 a campout. so if a boy goes on 5 campouts, he's paid the $25 fee for troop equipment but it didn't hurt, nobody noticed it.


Then have a fundraiser, and those who participate get a % of the profit to go into a scout account for them to cover their extra $5 a campout, or other fees for the year. That way the boys who work the fundraiser get paid, those who don't still end up paying for the equipment.


It's part of the reason why our troop has so much money, because they've bought quality equipment over the years and got a bunch of it donated, that the tents and gear last a LONG time. They also charge closer to $10 per campout to the troop to cover useage of equipment and propane costs, at one time it covered the cost of gas for the leaders, but they discontinued that but didn't lower the fee. That is one place I'm going to start to get them to stop charging for a while, and set aside a certain % of their huge checking account balance to equipment costs for replacing tents, filling chuckboxes and buying a new trailer. when that "account" falls below a certain number, they can re-institute a pay as you go on campout fee, but for now it's not needed.


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Respectfully, not every disagreement is "bickering."


Also, reaching a consensus, even where appropriate, requires "give" on all sides.


There are at least as many assumptions as facts supporting judgments being made here.

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First, Scouting good practices are build a small "revolving" fund for fear wear and tear replacements. Tents and dining flies wear out. Lanterns have globes broken through no fault. Brass fittings strip. A prudent troop, working with its chartered partner, has a reserve.


Patrol quartermasters, working with the Troop quartermaster(s) help keep stuff in good repair. Clean and usable going out, ditto coming back. In a good Troop with a good Patrol method, the committeeman charged with property stewardship is just a resource point for the youth... He can have LOTS of coffee


To the OP's question, I'd drop the question of a per-head fee or a fundraiser on the PLC. Help them

learn a lesson that adults do manage badly. See how they want to get out of the hole , AND THEN GIVE THEM TOOLS TO DO SO.


If Mr CC does not want to play, well, the SM also has a direct line to the COR. It's time for it to be used, and the message is the CC is not supporting the program. In my book, that is enough to thank him for his past service and to tell him he wll not be rechartering.(This message has been edited by John-in-kc)

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