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Is the BSA regulating the fun out of Scouting?

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There are only 8 uses of the word fun in the current GTSS. None that I can tell used in a manner which regulates it out of scouting.


Hee hee.... Yah, OK, I just had to look. Not sure I have da current version of G2SS because these days there seems like there's a revision every other month, eh? But here goes.


BSA self-funds the first million dollars. ;)

If a funnel is used, establish contact with the funnel and the opening in the tank.

(really? no kiddin'? we have to give boaters directions on how to fuel a boat?)

Always use a funnel to refuel a stove so you wont frost- bite your fingers by accidentally pouring fuel on them.


Pour through a filter funnel.

still more how to pour fuel directions

Unit fund-raisers. Include these safety considerations when planning a unit fund-raiser; A Unit Fund-raising Permit must be obtained...

[Don't] sell fireworks as a fund-raising or money-earning activity.

All scouting functions ... should be conducted on a smoke-free basis.

When fairly and impartially applied, rules do not interfere with fun. Rules for safety, plus common sense and good judgment, keep the fun from being inter- rupted by tragedy.

When fairly and impartially applied, rules do not interfere with the fun. Rules for safety, plus common sense and good judg- ment, keep the fun from being interrupted by tragedy.

yes, it's in there twice

Every participant must be classified as a "swimmer" to participate in training for Kayaking BSA or to paddle a solo kayak at a Scouting function.

Each caving group should function as a separate and distinct group.

Fun and safe overnight trekking activities require compliance with Trek Safely by both adult and youth leaders.



This was fun. So I count only five times da word "fun" is used for real, and four of 'em are in the same sentence. I think da repeated instructions on how to use a funnel to fill a gas tank are more common and amusin'. Who knew we had such a need to explain funnel use to da average scouter? :)





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Had to chuckle at the funnel example - and I agree, it is over the top. On the other hand, it just backs up my contention that common sense is not common at all. Directions like these aren't written until someone does something that defies what we would all think of as common sense and gets hurt or killed by it. I wouldn't be surprised if there aren't reports in the legal archives of folks filling stoves or lanterns with a funnel while lit and while holding the funnel above the fuel refueling port instead of in it and then catching fire.


But I'm still waiting for specific examples of things that have taken the fun out of scouting. Someone mentioned the monkey bridge height requirements. The current on-line G2SS mentions that the height requirements "should" be followed by units. I don't read "should" as must or shall so I consider this a recommendation, not a requirement for units. It may be a requirement for Council's cope courses, but even if it is, I don't see where the fun goes out of anything. Crossing a monket bridge is either fun or isn't fun - wearing a helmet doesn't change that. But I guarantee you that if your Scouts are having fun on a monkey bridge then one of them falls off and gets seriously injured, no one will remember the fun anymore.


I believe that safety and fun go hand in hand - they aren't diametrically opposed.

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Used the pdf to get the 8 "whole word" fun's. http://www.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/34416.pdf So missed out on some of your fun finds Beavah.


The locations are: Internet top right page 5, Summer Camp lower right page 16, bicycle riding page 34, Skating upper left page 34, Winter Sports page 45 & 46 (2x), tour plan page 58.


I also did a quick scan of three new MBP. Note there is only one use of "fun" in the robotics MBP, and 5 in inventing MBP and 8 in the Geocaching MBP so perhaps we could just say the latest GTSS is either a) more fun or b) at least as fun as advancement!

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Hmmmmmm.... perhaps funnel should be replaced with


a pipe with a wide, often conical mouth and a narrow stem used to channel liquid or fine-grained substances into containers with a small opening


as in


"Always use a pipe with a wide, often conical mouth and a narrow stem used to channel liquid or fine-grained substances into containers with a small opening to refuel a stove so you wont frost- bite your fingers by accidentally pouring fuel on them.

again?" ;D


Well folks, thanks for all the responses...

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Spreading mulch for church /CO. Found many worms. WORM RACES!!! FUN!!!!!


(Worms not canned.) (Misting keeps your "steeds" in good shape to race.)


Raining all day. Grass on hill very slippery. So .................................... ^___^(This message has been edited by TAHAWK)

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TA.....did you complete background checks on all of those worms.......best german accent" were their papers in order". Were those the worms specifically raised as safe for human consumption?


Was your hill on the approved play area list and was the grass type being used the designated type........the blue long bladed hybirian soft edged grass.


And the water misting the herd......was it softened and safe for drinking, and the hose was it the one safe for drinking????? Lord knows one of the little rug rats just might drink from it.......





(This message has been edited by Basementdweller)

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"'Raining all day. Grass on hill very slippery. So .................................... ^___^ '

That's pretty close to sledding. I trust everyone wore helmets."


G@SS: "The use of helmets is required for the following activities: downhill skiing, snowboarding and operating snowmobiles (requires full face helmets)."



No snow

No skies

No snowboards

No machinery (just kids)

Helmets not required for sledding


Conclusion: sliding on wet grass OK sans helmets. Happy Day!!!


(NO eating worms unless very hungry.)

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Ok, let's say I want to take a group of boys canoeing at a lake or down a river on a Saturday day-trip.


I need to make sure that each of the boys and adults has passed a swim test. If they haven't, then I would need to make arrangements for a time and place where the swim test can be administered.

I need to fill out a Tour Plan (assume for the sake of argument that I do need to fill out the plan and include all of the items that it asks for - maybe the water is in the next council over.)

I need to know my BSA member number and the number for the second adult and when the memberships expire.

All of the registered adults need to have taken Youth Protection training and I need to know the dates that the two leaders did it.

I need to have an Annual Health and Medical Record for every participant (both youth and adult and not expired).

I need to have a first aid kit.

I need to have an roadside emergency kit.

I need to have a current copy of Guide to Safe Scouting

I need to get the signature of the committee chair or the COR

One of the adults has to be trained in CPR and I need to know the date of the expiration. If no adult currently has CPR, then one would have to arrange to take the training.

One of the adults has to have taken hazardous weather training and I need to know the expiration date.

I need to know the make, model and year of each vehicle on the trip and how many seat belts it has.

I need to know what insurance each driver has in terms of liability per person, per accident, and for property damage.

I need the name and phone number for a contact who is not on the trip.

I cannot allow two of the 17-year old Scouts to drive there in one car.

I will know the number of youth and adults who will be attending the trip.

I will need to know all of that tour planning information at least 21 days in advance and submit it to the council office (which may mean making a trip or finding a fax machine or something.)

We need to enforce "buddy boats", even if all boats are within eyesight.

If we are going to canoe down a river, we need for everyone to have three hours of training and supervised practice, or for them to "test out" by navigating a 100-yard course and recovering from a capsize.

We need to file a float plan.

If we wanted to let the guys swim around in a swimming hole out of the canoes, then we'd have a whole set of swimming guidelines to deal with that would almost make swimming impossible (although I'll note that swimming with the life jackets on can be ok).



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So regulations are making Scouting less fum for adults?


Yet we still go to Canada, which adds a whole added layer of regs. -- especially thanks to the current U.S. government.


We have a Committee member who has most of this on word-processing (like all the driver info) and works near the Service Center. That makes it much less burdensome for the commissioned Scouters.


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I'll tell you what's fun. Fun is getting house hiding boys out into the woods, into summer camp, into canoes, into nylon tents deep in the woods, listening to the laughter of 30 scouts huddled under a rain fly, playing card games and box games.


WFA training? $30.00 and 16 hours. Cost me a weekend. Well worth it, and anyone who camps should have it, IMHO. Mandate that you have it? No, but when you take it, you'll be glad you did, and want your other adults you camp with to have it as well.


Yes, the rules are there, and more every year it seems. Deal with it and get the boys outside.


Stosh, sorry you lost the joy of camping with young scouts.

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IMO, the lawyers and the professional "educators" are the ones taking the fun out of Scouting. Can't do this or that unless you have permission slips, tour permits, abide by G2SS and have everyone "trained". I detest a lot of the policies instituted by National in the past decade but I realize tort lawyers have driven most of them.


In the end, I just convince myself that it's all for the boys and grin and bear it.

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I get irritated when the required training dumbs down the activity.

How many times have you been certified by someone less qualified than yourself?


On a side note: what is it with all the overweight camp staffers? Half of the staff at camp last week definitely fell into the 'Blubber Butt' category. One staffer was so obese that I had difficulty determining gender. Baby-faced, breasts, paige boy haircut, gender neutral name on the name tag. What finally cinched it was the fact that if he had been female, he'd have been wearing a bra.

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