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Troop is unable to attend summer camp-Doing it on our own

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As far as rope goes, if you get manila, I recommend 1/4" or maybe 3/8" - should be strong enough unless you plan to build, say, a monkey bridge. Then I'd recommend quite a bit larger rope - I've used either 3/4" or 1" (I don't remember which). Probably best to buy a little more than a few hundred feet - spools are usually 1/4" x 1200' or 3/8" x 800' or 1/2" x 600' and could be cheaper than only a few hundred feet if you can find a supplier. Excess can be stored in a cool dry environment for next summer. Sisal rope is stronger for each diameter compared to manila, but MUCH more expensive. I would not recommend using synthetic rope for lashings, except nylon, which is expensive and only works best in certain situations.


Sorry for so much information - worked in Outdoor Skills area at a summer camp for a few years.



As far as rank advancement, you can get the vast majority of requirements done over five 3-hour afternoons (approx.- depends on sizes of groups - you could have some older scouts teach skills in a rotating pattern to each patrol)

- T-4ABC,5,6,7,8,9,10A/B(one set of tests),11,12AB

- S-1AB,2,3BCDEF,(5),6,7AC,9AB

- F-1*,2,6,7A,8ABCD,9A,11

* Requires extra time - F-1 needs time at night for navigation

() indicate a requirement that could be done with a different activity - e.g. the 1-hr. service project.


Have Scouts bring a first aid kit for S-7B

In addition, you can do T-1,2,3; S-4,(5),

If you have a waterfront, you could do S-8BC and F-9BC

F-4ABCDE can be done in conjunction with meal prep.

F-7B can be used to make gadgets in your site (such as a flagpole for T-6 and S-4)


see www.pitnet.net/halron/gdc/gridEC.pdf - shows an Eagle Challenge (T-S-F) program used at a local camp - you'd have to add a few things as everything I listed is not in the grid schedule (S-3BF,9AB and F-9A,11) - the 1 1/2 hr. on Friday that is not on the schedule is for the camp's water carnival - a spot where you could fit in the other requirements. Also, some requirements don't take the entire time listed, even for a large group (such as F-8D - 5 signs of a heart attack), while others (F-2 - 1-mi. compass course) could take more than an hour if scouts don't know basic compass skills (S-1a) beforehand.


also see www.pitnet.net/halron/gdc/t21cl.pdf for a requirement listing with the 2010 requirements.


NOTE that the requirements on the grid were slightly misprinted - this was noticed mid-way through summer 2011 and a new grid and requirement sheet were reprinted, but it does not appear that they were updated on the website. Firem'n Chit should be S-3D,E and Totin' Chip should be S-2,3C. Not sure if there are any other errors.


Double-check any of my notes here if you are serious about using these, as I am currently half asleep. The requirement list is correct I know for sure, but any of my other notes further down may have inconsistencies.(This message has been edited by AJR2305GDC)

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You need to move to a "new" camp site every night and the boys need to plan the five-day trip, with you all hiking at least six miles every day, so that the whole thing meets the requirements for the backpacking merit badge. Also, see the First Year program I put together at:

http://www.scouter.com/Forums/viewThread.asp?threadID=314335&p=2 (the third-to-last post, the last post in that thread by me).

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OK, so we just returned home after the camp. I gotta tell you guys, it went great.


We had 11 boys plus one who had a previously scheduled thing during the days. He came for some of the evening activities.


We set up camp in a large area with great separation between patrols. The only two experienced socuts were SPL and ASPL who couldn't get out of football practice (but that's another story) He left for a few hours each day.


We had three dads plus myself. They put the food ingredients together for the boys to cook at their patrol areas. Since it's all new boys, they needed a little more encouragement and advice on how to prepare what we made. Cleanup went way slow the first couple meals but withing a couple days, they were doing well.


Our state Senator was invited out to discuss duties as a citizen with the boys. She stayed nearly three hours and was even brave enough to eat a scout made lunch.


Our main goal was to work on as much T-1 Stuff as possible. We spent a couple afternoons in the pool and spent a lot of time on swim test and water rescue. Plus there was a canoe at the pool area, so we did some basic canoe techniques too. THe Camp Ranger came by a few times as a MBC for First Aid. He's a 30 year EMT and did a great job with the boys.


Yesterday, we did a very challenging 5 mile hike on a rally rough course. The SPL led the hike and the boys used map and compass on that as well as an orienteering course. One of the boys got a little overheated so they got to use their newly acquired first aid skills.


As the Scoutmaster, I'm exhausted. I not only had to work with the boys along with my SPL, I had to train the adults too. But, it was a blast. THe boys jelled well and had a great time. They really learned the skills cause we had time to go over them over and over.


Thanks for all your advice. If any of you get the cahnce to do a weeklong troop camp, go for it.


Oh, and we did it under budget. We charged $100 per scout and we have some money left over.


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I really really like that $100 bottom line. Really tempted to float that same thing by our venturing crew because my HA base budget is tapped out for at least a couple of years.


Obviously our program would be a little different (e.g., my youth really know how to cook), but simply taking a week out just to be grow as a team is a huge opportunity that my youth sometimes take for granted.

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