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For all that has shared input with me, I decided to take the Bobcat and Tiger Den Leader position and will hit the floor running in January. I have completed Youth Protection and Den Leader training already. Is there any other courses I need to take or should take them all to get them out of the way for further advancement in the troop later on.


Thanks again,


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I am not sure what you mean by "Den Leader" training.


BSA Online Learning Center - http://olc.scouting.org/ - has Fast Start Trainings for Tiger Cub Den Leaders (which is what you would need). It certainly could not hurt to take the other Cub Scout Fast Start Trainings for Cubmaster, Wolf/Bear Den Leaders, Webelos Den Leaders, and Pack Committee. They would give you a good overview of how a Pack operates.


If you have not taken the "in person" Cub Scout Basic Trainings - New Leader Essentials, Intro to Cub Scouting, How We Have Fun, & Tiger Cub Den Leader Specific, your Council has them coming up in January. In order to be considered fully trained you will need to take them. Next year, if you are still their Den Leader, you will need to take the Wolf/Bear Den Leader Specific "in-person" training. And in the Spring of your son's 3rd grade, Cub Scout Bear, year, you will need to take the "in person" Webelos Den Leader Specific Training and Webelos Outdoor training.


Your Council also has BALOO training coming up in May. It would be a good idea to take that training also. Since a BALOO trained person is needed to plan and run any Pack camping trip, it can never hurt a Pack to have multiple BALOO trained folks.


On your question of weather you should take all trainings "to get them out of the way for further advancement in the troop later on", I think it is little early to take any Boy Scout level training at this stage of the game. Your son is only a 1st grade Tiger Cub Scout. He has about 4.5 years in his Cub Scout Pack before he will cross into a Boy Scout Troop. A lot can change in 4.5 years. Wait until he is in 5th grade before you take the training for Boy Scouts.


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It's about time we had another fan of Celtic music in the forum. What bands are you listening too?

Celtic Storm is coming near us in March I have my tickets.

I really enjoy Dana.

Good Luck with the little fellows.

At times you will want to pull your hair out.

But at the end of the day they really are so much fun. They have an innocence that can only be found in the very young.

When you look into their eyes, even when they have got into something that maybe they ought not to have got into? Them eyes will melt your heart.



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Eamonn to my knowledge you have not asked celtic music fans to reveal themselves before and I am sure there are more here than you think. My 11 yr old daughter is a fiddler and plays several tunes of celtic origin along with old time, scottish, canadian and even klezmer. I am fascinated with all that music mostly from her playing some of it. A lot of the fiddle tunes are very similar. Her violin teacher plays a lot of real complex celtic stuff as well.

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The den is just over half way through the Tiger book. The current leader is leaving in January and that is how I came to use the phrase "Hit the floor running." I will be the leader then.

I currently listen to many artists in Celtic music. some of my favorites are The High Kings, Celtic Thunder, who was just here in concert in Charlotte a few weeks ago, which was an excellent time for all who showed up, but probably my all time favorite is Celtic Woman which myself and a friend run some forums and sites for those ladies from the group. I may be a bit partial to them! My eldest daughter is working on a music major at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. I love all Celtic music though. Any more Celtic music fans out there? Let us know please.




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Celtic Woman did a concert from Slane Castle, a year or two back.

My Dads family is from Slane. My uncle Paddy was the head herdsman for the castle.

Paddy was a real character. known as one of the best dog trainers in Ireland. He was also known for being able to put away vast quantities of good Irish stout.

We were lucky enough to have Celtic Woman play at the Melon Arena here in Pittsburgh this past Saint Patrick's day. A good time was had by all!!

You might want to visit :


The Bring Yer Wellies - CD is outstanding.



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