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Whats with the Sidebar Ad & topic list

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Before it was 1/4 the side of the page, ok.. Now it cuts the page in half..


Half forum, half sidebar..


Makes for the entry of posts & the reading of posts very long & narrow..


No way for me to push it back over to where it belongs.


Is anyone else experiencing this or only me?

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Seems to be back to about 1/4 a page this afternoon.


FoxFire does freaky things with some of the stuff we do.. Tried it at work, and had to take it down and go back to IE.. Since it was a problem at work, never tried it at home, got a bad opinion of it.


I use to have an great ad blocker.. Took off all adds top, sides pop-ups.. Someone bought them out to kill the tool. Something after that made it un-usable, don't remember if it was a new windows version or if it had a subscription time-out. Since then I have tried one that stopped everything, and another that added in a virus type of popup ads that popped up a new ad every ten seconds until you had hundreds of ads open.. Had to reinstall windows and reload all my programs to get rid of it..


Since then, I am to scared to try anything else.. But boy I loved my ad blocker, and miss it.

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That "wide" side-bar was caused by a 100+ character web link posted in the Girls in Cub Scouts topic. The forum software does not "wrap" it, but instead widens the sidebar as much as necessary to accomodate the longest "word". It's been "fixed" with a couple of line breaks.

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