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It varies from unit to unit. But my experience is to contact every member of the LDS ward in which the unit is attached. In my current unit we have a night where the scout committee gets together and goes down the ward roster making calls and asking for donations to FOS, then we have someone go out and pick up the donation. In other ward I been in we split the roster and make a personal visit to the ward members asking for donations.

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In our area, the Stake President specifically told the local Bishops to use the 5th Sunday for this (as their church program for weeks 1-4 come directly from SLC).


They did them in January, and we saw a substantial increase in our FOS from the LDS units.


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I've seen a variety of methods.


One congregation was told to bring their checkbooks to sacrament meeting the next week. The next week, when sacrament meeting ended a bit early, we had a brief FOS presentation followed by "Turn in your envelopes and checks to Bro. ____ on the way out the door". I don't recommend this approach.


More recently I saw that the bishop did a donation in the name of the ward to meet their goal, and left it at that.


We're planning to do a brief presentation at the beginning of priesthood and Relief Society. We want to present to as many adults as possible, but felt it would give the wrong impression to do it over the pulpit.

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