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Ceremony for saying goodbye to a scout moving away??

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Hello all.


I have a very active member of my pack that is sadly moving away this summer. This scout and his mother have been crucial in our packs success, and i am wondering if there are any examples of touching ceremonies any of you know of to commemorate our appreciation and best wishes.


We have a Family campout coming up in mid May and I would love to show this scout and his mother how much we will miss them.

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Present a scrap book of their time with the pack. Then you can sing the scout vespers to them as a pack.


You could also get a plaque to say thanks to the mom.


Just some ideas.

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Regardless of what you do for a ceremony or provide as a thank you gift, be sure to also give the mother a completed copy of the Youth Transfer Form. It will make their transition into their new pack easier. It's on the national website at:




And if it's out-of-date, blame National for still having it up. :)

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Depending on leadtime, definitely the scrapbook.


Our District has a "Unit Leader Award" that is reserved for adults in the Scout Unit that are deserving of something more than an "attaboy". You might inquire of your UCommissioner or DE about that possibility in your District. This is not the Square Knot "District Scouter" award, but for an exemplar Unit Leader.


Also ribs and homemade coleslaw. Can't go wrong with that.


With some clever work, you could create your own award, mebbe a

"SCO_T AWARD" (what's missing? "U" are! and our SCO_T _NIT will not be the same because WE WILL MISS U!"


Too often, we delay in telling how we appreciate someone, either their actions or example. Do it now.

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Our troop has presented a state flag with the scout's name and our unit number on it to scouts that have moved. We had the rest of the scouts and the troop adult leadership sign the flag with a silver marker, too.

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