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Slippery slope youth protection question

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Ever Notice How BSA Forms and Policies don't Match Up


BSA Application STATES *If the parent is not serving as the adult partner, the parental signature on the application indicates

approval of the adult partner and also if the adult partner does not live at the same address as the

Tiger Cub, a separate adult application is required.

Parent/Guardian Information Options are Parent, Guardian, Grandparent, Other (specify)


Other Could be Step Dad, Step Mom, Friend, Boy friend, Girlfriend, Aunt, Uncle, Brother, Sister, Niece, Nephew, Cousin That I can Think of...

Logic Would say that anyone of those could take the Kid Camping and Tent with scout and Logically we should be able to say especially Someone who was already the Listed on the Application should be able to Tent with the Scout..


However since BSA Department A does not Talk With BSA Department B and they all don't talk with each other we end up with a Mess and Everyone ends up confused..and Interpreting the Rules..


I Find it Hard that a Person Approved can not Tent with the Scout Since they Are approved on the Application form..


I do agree anyone and Everyone who attends BSA Events should have Youth Protection..However Only Registered Leadership is Currently required to take it.. BSA APPLICATION STATES• We encourage all parents to be involved with their Scout. There are no “secret†organizations in Scouting and

all Scouting activities are open to parental visitation


People Adding and Changing Rules to fit their needs is what is Happening.

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B.S.A. has a problem with internal contradictions in their publshed statements.


Until recently, for example, the YPT training AV said that all "discipline" was to be handled by adults. The people in the YPT bubble were thinking of punishment when they used "discipline." The folks who described how the PL is in change and keeps the patrol in order and on task were thinking of "discipline" in the broader sense sense - habitual beneficial behavior ("A disciplined hitter") - the same sense that the safety people mean "discipline" in the safety "Sandwich" of "discipline" and "supervision."


I am told that Bill used to read everything and was the self-appointed "Consistency Warden." Someone needs to be performing that function now. Inconsistent messages are confusing, at best.

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