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Skeptic posted, "I suspect that a large percentage denigrating NESA already have not even bothered to actually look at the NESA site, or make the effort to find the possibilities it offers."


Maybe it is a high percentage, but it's not 100%. I used to refer my Scouts to the NESA site as it offered the Eagle forms in a variety of formats, including Word. That's since been taken down, although in fairness the main advantage of the Word file was one could save the file and come back to it, a capability PDF now has.


And as a matter of fact, before posting this morning, I went to the site, just to see if there were something there I had overlooked. There wasn't. After a bit of looking, I finally found the organization's mission, which is "to identify Eagle Scouts and provide a manpower resource to local councils."


Look, I am skeptical, but still here to be convinced. We've got scholarships, but I'm not sure how that supports the mission. And we have the database, which in my experience is maybe 30-40% accurate. And unless you're taking about the 100 bucks I personally shelled out to buy the directory, Clemlaw's post is the first I have ever heard of anyone having access to the data.


Are there benefits I'm missing?


Over the years I've sent several hundred dollars to NESA. I have been disappointed in value received. I now choose to spend my money elsewhere. But opinions vary.

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Oops--I gave some bad advice above, based upon not reading the directions (that even BSA is able to provide).


It turns out I didn't find 20 Eagle Scouts in my zip code, after all.


I actually found 195 of them. You need to put an asterisk after the zip code, and not an exclamation mark.


So 54321* will give you every Eagle Scout with a zip code of 54321 or 54321-1234. It will also include listings with phone numbers such as 543-213-1234, but those will be very rare.

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The directory book might have been garbage, but that's because it was one of those Who's Who type books where the whole idea was to sell books. But I have found the Eagle Scout database on the NESA site is a goldmine. I've looked up the list of Eagles from my troop, Scouters I know who were Eagles, scouts I knew from OA and camp staff. Even relatives.


Just last year, I happened to be looking through the database and found my uncle had earned his Eagle on the same month and day that we were celebrating his 80th birthday party. I told my aunt, and she got him a scouting-related gift.


Yes, council's should be using it more.




I didn't really mean to sound negative in my first post about not physically getting your money's worth. Obviously, NESA is an organization where members in general should be giving, not receiving.

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And yet another discovery.


I also did a search for my area code and phone number. For example, for 651-555-1212, I did a search for 651555*. I got a list of myself and 59 other Eagle Scouts, most of whom appear to live or work in my general neighborhood.


Then, I did a search for my street name and zip code. Turns out there's another Eagle Scout just a couple of doors down. Hmmmm.... I could use an extra den leader. Maybe I'll need to go knock on his door.


I'd say my $25 was a pretty good investment, strictly from the selfish point of view of what's in it for me.(This message has been edited by clemlaw)

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Reviving this old thread.

Was just looking at our Troop budget for next year, as we purchase a 5-Year NESA Membership for our new Eagle Scouts.

Price is now $100!!  Effective 20 Jan 2022.  Yes, I know I'm a little late, but we didn't have any Eagle Scouts this year due to a zero recruitment year 5 years ago.  But that's another story...

That's a 286% increase.

Here's their gobbledygook:

"NESA is the largest and most recognized group of Eagle Scout Alumni Achievers. We’ve kept membership fees artificially low for many years while offering a high number of college scholarships and other unique Eagle Scout opportunities.  Just as you and your family must keep pace with rising costs, we must ensure a robust ability to deliver membership experiences that support and protect the mission, values, and time-honored traditions of Scouting."

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Well, this time, they are telling the truth.  They have sat on the cost for a while now, and reality has stepped up.  Have to review, but is there still a first time option with the Eagle return from National?  For others, it has been a low cost option; and of course, I am unaffected, as I purchased the Life years ago.  Those of us that have gifted new Eagles membership will need to decide if it is worth the expense.  I certainly will consider that the next time it arises.  

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