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Journey to Excellence Interactive Spreadsheet

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On the BSA National Website, there is now a Beta Test of an interactive spreadsheet for the Venturing Crew standards for Journey to Excellence. It is available for all leaders to use, play with and comment.


The write-up asks that Cub Scout and Boy Scout leaders check it out and comment as the same format is planned for Cub Scout and Boy Scout spreadsheets also.


The request is for comments to




as soon as possible but by March 14th, 2011.


Comments to the list are great but I would imagine that making a real difference would require the comment to go JtE@Scouting.org


To find the new spreadsheet, to go




then Volunteers>> Journey to Excellence


and there it will be for download.


Thanks for your review and comments.


Best wishes,


Neil Lupton

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go to the home page > to Volunteer > middle of right hand side of page under Quicklinks = Scouting's Journey to Excellence


you can also view it from the Commissioner's page under Journey to Excellence



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