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If your charter organization is going to be closing down, what kind of bridges are you concerned about?


Your Pack needs some advance notice if your charter org is going to be closing down. Showing up for a den/Pack meeting, only to find the place empty, and the doors locked, is not the way you want to find out.


Your Committee Chair (CC) needs to have a business talk with your Charter Organization Representative (COR), and the Institutional Head (IH) of the organization as soon as possible. It would also be a good idea to include your District Executive (DE) in the meeting.

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When it comes to Charter Organizations, the level of support varies a lot.

In the area where I live other than allowing units the use of a meeting place and if the unit is lucky the CO will pay the $20.00 fee. Units get very little else.

The church which I attend charters a Troop. It allows the Troop to meet in the church hall. The Troop can hold the odd bake sale after Mass and the church takes up a collection on Scout Sunday for the Troop. That's all they get. But it is a lot more than some of the other units get.

What sort of contributions were you getting?

Most CO's (Not all -We have a Pack in the District that has a funeral home as its CO.) Are non-profit organizations and it is unusual for one of them to go under.



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Yah, what both ScoutNut and Eamonn said, eh? While I always encourage CO's to have some financial skin in the game, I think yeh also as good scouts want to consider what you can do for the CO as much as what it contributes to you. I figure Loyal and Helpful come into play if your CO is on the ropes. First ask "What can we do to help?"


In the end, to transfer a unit yeh need to identify a new CO who is willing to take you (keeping in mind the new CO has to get to know and approve all of the current leaders). Then yeh have to get the current CO to sign off on relinquishing its charter and whatever assets the unit has.


Alternately, yeh can all leave as individuals and start a new pack at a new CO with a new unit number, and then fundraise for new gear and such.


I will say that if yeh really feel a bankruptcy is pending, yeh do want to take action if yeh have any significant assets in gear or a checking account under the CO's EIN. The individual pack families are goin' to be some low-on-the-totem-pole creditors when it comes to those funds after the bankruptcy is in play.



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