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Gotta love the Scout Handbook app...searchable scout handbook. A lot lighter than the paper version. Made us rethink the "no-electronics" rule.


I have just about every SM resource electronically, including the SM Handbook. Bought it, scanned it, put in on the iPad. Same with most MB books, troop policies, SM Conference worksheets, etc.


We don't use troopmaster...Instead, we use an application called Troop Record Book, which we customized for our troop. Works perfectly on the iPad.


At the council level, we've been using Eventbrite for class registration.


Now, if I could just find an electronic version of the Field Book...preferably the version from when I was a scout...back when we used to camp in 5' of snow, year round, hike 5 miles for water, 3 times a day, slay rabbits and squirrels to make stew.


Hovering at 18" from a hammock...


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