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I was one of the folks asking about this a year ago. I have been bugging my council / district for several months for some clarification on exactly what this "agreement" means and how we can take advantage of it. Finally my DE politely told me "shut up", they did not have anything. They simply don't have any material to hand out.


So, finally I have start creating my own set of guidelines and rules for what this means. For example, they attended Family Camp with us, we invited the girls to build PWD cars and race the same day we did (but not against the cub scouts), we have asked them to help us with SFF and items like that. We have now created a "Heritage Crew" to provide access to the BSA resources available to those registered with the crew - especially training.


However, we felt like we were leaving the younger girls out. Last summer the council replaced the camping director with someone new and they were looking to replace our retiring council scouting executive. I took that chance to contact them and get more information again. This time they were interested in meeting with the various AHG groups in the area. After a couple of meetings and then some internal meetings at the AHG level, the council is opening up the summer camp property "a week early" to provide a summer camp experience for the AHG troops in the area. I am helping them build a program to fit with the resources I know the scout camp has and to meet requirements for AHG. The council is providing a bulk of the staff, access to food services and resources of the property. We are now actively recruiting youth and adults to attend.


So, right now I am living in two worlds, the AHG world and the BSA world. I just keep telling myself it's only an hour a week.

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We have one of the larger AHG presences in the country in our Council, so we are a little unique, but here is what is done here...


On a unit level...

--- Our CO's AHG unit participates with the Cub Scout Pack in Spring Campout

--- They participate with both the Pack and the Troop in Scouting for Food, Scout Sunday, some service projects

--- They may be allowed to participate in our Spring Camp Card fundraiser...that is being decided.


On a Council level...

--- They attend University of Scouting and have a course there on "What is AHG, and how does the relationship with BSA work".

--- They have information booths at University of Scouting and sometimes other events.

--- They can attend other BSA training events.

--- They have their own Summer Camp the week after the last BSA Summer Camp session and utilize camp staff for that.

--- They are permitted to utilize the Popcorn fundraiser in the Spring if they desire (off season for Scouting).

--- They have their own Venturing Crew in our Council composed solely of AHG girls.

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