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Who Causes the Most Trouble in Units?

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Neither. We have never had a single problem in our troop.


(Serious answer: If the troops I read about in this forum are typical, we are very fortunate in our troop to have had only a very small number of "issues" over the years. I actually can think of only one "complaining parent." We have had a few discussions in the committee that have been irritating. We have had a couple of parent-Scout combinations find troops more to their liking, but I would count that as subtracting trouble rather than adding to it. As for youths (or is that utes?) we have had a few persistent disciplinary problems (as in recurring "minor" incidents) as well as one incident I would have to call "major", but that took care of itself as the parents withdrew the Scout from the troop before any disciplinary action was taken -- actually, about 3 hours after the incident. So adding all that up, I would say it's about equal between youth and adults. Now, if you are talking about Cub Scouts, that's much easier -- in my experience it was the parents, hands down. Even the few issues I saw with the Cubs themselves were at their parents' instigation. And I am not counting Cub Scouts talking out of turn, not paying attention, or wandering off -- all of that just goes with the age group.)(This message has been edited by njcubscouter)

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