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Fat inactive boys?

Complaining parents?

Complaining District executive?

Expensive Training.



After reading the story about that scout in florida, I just wonder. Then engineer spouting off about EXPECTING trained leaders for his $15 a year.


Like most scout volunteers I pay for training out of my own pocket. Several thousand dollars to date for the cost of training, gear, travel and motels. Not a complaint just a statement.


As a volunteer I have to tread a confusing maze of rules and guidelines, I have to compete with youth sports and church youth groups, I am chastised by district if my enrollment drops or FOS donation is off. I deal with complaining parents about lack of activities, family schedule conflicts, in the middle of pinewood season....dealing with ebay purchased cars, accusations of cheating and $100 sets of wheels. Parents complaining about boys cheating on advancement and on and on and on.


I ask again, Why?


To be sued by an ungrateful parent for their out of shape kid. Try excluding him because of his physical condition, you will get sued for that too.


How about if one of those scouts makes an accusation, your out, even if your eventually cleared your reputation is irrecoverably damaged. You are thru in scouting even if your cleared.


So is it worth it?????

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Why? Because occasionally, someone will tell you that you're doing a pretty good job.


Oh, and some of the kids will probably turn out a little bit better due to your efforts. A while back, someone posted an oft-reprinted essay. It wasn't talking about a Scouter who had turned out the next Einstein. It was wondering what would have happened if Hitler had been in Scouting. Maybe he would have learned how to get along with people who were different from him, and inspired by his Painting MB counselor, gone on to earn a modest living selling his paintings. Nobody would have ever heard of him, and nobody would have bothered to thank his Scout leaders.


By the way, it sounds like you're doing a pretty good job!

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Because one of your scouts may earn his Eagle and WAIT a year for his ECOH so that you will be able to attend so that he can say "Thank you"


Because one of your scouts who you haven't seen in years may contact you on Facebook to tell you you made a difference and catch up with you.


Because one of your scouts may tell you thank you for the packages you've been sending to him and everything else you have done for him and that he wants to drive over to your house and visit when he comes home.


Because one of your scouts may not have a father figure in his life, and despite knowing some of the challenges you have been facing, begs you to attend his ECOH because you have made a difference in his life and were the father figure he never had.


Because maybe that Eagle of yours still thinks about what you would do when he encounters a challenging situation dealing with scouts.


Or maybe a little lower goals.


Maybe it's walking around your campsite and watching the kids have fun.


Maybe it's seeing the faces of the kids and parents that launch their first rocket at a pack rocket derby.


Maybe it's seeing the fun and excitement on the faces of the kids at your day camp as you sing some crazy Star Wars parody songs.


Can it be rough at times. heck yeah. Can it be overwhelming, heck yeah. Do we have folks who don't appreciate it. Absolutely. Shoot I just got slammed with an unexpected paperwork nightmare in trying to put on a district event for about 25-30 Cubs.


But is it worth it.... ABSOLUTELY!


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Unfortunately, those are good questions. And as Scout leaders are increasingly burdened with requirements of various kinds, it's going to be increasingly difficult to find leaders willing to jump through all the hoops.


It's already a significant problem in my opinion.

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Is it worth it? Yeah, it is.


I'd be lying if I said I wasn't having fun. I'd also be lying if I said I'd still have volunteered to do it if it was just work.


I have fun camping and I have fun getting the boys all riled up. I cannot beat the feeling I get when I see a scout being proud when he finally learns or overcomes the challenges of learning a new skill.


And yeah, we get plenty of complaining mom and dads. Not being sexist, but usually, moms are the biggest complainers about how we didn't speciffically stand their kid up on a pedistal to shine and bask in all the world's glory.



So maybe it's a little bit worse in Cub Scouting where parents are more involved. Maybe iyt's worse in Boy Scouts where the costs of trips ate exceptionally higher.



But I see being a scouter kinda like I see camping: There are gonna be bugs that irriatate me. There is no A/C in the summer. There is no well stocked fridge or freezer and the bedding is nowhere as nice as what I have at home. Plus I have to plan ahead and start getting ready a week ahead of time..just to camp a few days , then another weeks to dry out, air out, repack and restore everything to be ready next time.


Compared to staying at home, where I just walk in te door and I have A/C, stove, pillowtop mattressm hot, hot shower, and a awesome supply of food and a fridge...well, camping sure is a big pain in the ass isn'tit?


But I just love to cammp! I can't wait to go again a day after I get home from camping.


Camping is alot of work, and the chance of it all going to pieces is always looming over my shoulder...but the enjoyment outweighs the risk.


Just like being an adult leader in scouting.


Great question!

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Well, my FUN quota has changed I guess.


we live in a poor urban area and had a parent spend several hundred dollars on one of the ebay or website "WINNER" cars.


Had a pinewood derby workshop day, NONE of the Pack Leadership attended, even though they were scheduled. ALL of the Parents dumped and ran. I was the sole adult. So for four hours I had 20 scouts, trying to help sand and design and cut. Yep violated youth protection because of parents seeking baby sitting and irresponsible leaders. The intent of the day was for parent and boy to use the pack owned band saws and hand tools to help the new parents and scouts be successful on the day. I had one parent 2 hours late picking up their scout, so I had the boy for 6 hours.


We have one parent complaining that another webelo doesn't deserve the arrow of light.


Bickering and lying among the parents about the amount of rank and awards earned for the career arrows.


Parents refusing to pay the program fee and applying for pack aid.....both parents are working and they live in a $150,000 house and drive new cars, one with temp tags. Other parents getting wind of it and asking why they need to pay.


I am getting beat up by the DE because we are going out of council to summer camp again.


We finally got a Unit commissioner, wish I never met the man, beating me up about FOS. As his introduction he conducted a uniform inspection that ended in tears for several young men. I asked him to leave which resulted in a call from the DE and being told I can't do throw him out.


We had a parent complain to Family services which resulted in a social worker at one of the den meeting during the month of January. No idea what the complaint was or is, I have inquired about it, but because I am not named or involved.


Graduation camp out the we MUST have. No one will volunteer to head the event. Trying something new and everyone is mad because I have changed location and event schedule. I tried to just cancel it and that pissed them off even more. I give up.


Never a thank you or good job, not that it is a reason why I do it, but it would be nice.



Guess I am burning out. We are going camping next week end with the troop and the following weekend with the crew. I am looking forward to it.






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Basement - How much longer before your son moves into a troop?.. You can leave whenever burn out is too much and let them figure out what they took for granted, but if you are crossing over around March, you sure can leave without feeling a single twang of guilt, or worrying about your den not having a great pack.. And you can move over to the troop and either not get involved at all until you recoup, or go on the committee for a while and pick & choose one or two things to help.. At least until your burn-out is mended and you are itching to get in the ring again.


edited to add: Also is there anything preventing your Pack from putting together a form parents have to fill out in order to qualify for assistance, and an analysis of who gets what based on there need and willingness to fundraise to help themselves? That is what the camperships do, and I think it works quite nicely.. It keeps those who don't need it from applying, and if they do, there lack of need, or their lack of helping with fundraisers set up to help themselves eithe disqualifies them or gives them a very small piece of the pie.(This message has been edited by moosetracker)

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My son is in the troop all ready. Crossed over last year. He will get his first class in 14 months after crossing over, I couldn't be prouder.


There are no ACM's currently and no successor apparent CM. I have 4 more years on my commitment to the pack... I have focused on recruiting new leadership. I have a couple of Promising tiger dads whom, I got registered and trained. I am hoping to get one or both to be ACM's soon.


I did not want to be CM, I was the web 1 den leader. I stepped up after the female webelo 2 den leader and past CM shacked up together resulting in the divorce of both and the ending of their sons scouting careers.


Spent most of the last two weeks making career arrows for our pending cross over. Last year one of the arrows was broke in half before we left the fire ring. The scout smashed it against his head breaking. after spending about 4 hours making and banding it............big sigh. Then mom asked for another one......I told her I would make another but it would cost her $50. She called me an ahole and stormed away to never be seen again. I tried to get the committee to do away with the arrows......No THEIR sons deserve them too, Again no volunteers to make them, so I am stuck doing it too.....I have a notebook in the filing cabinet with directions and info about the how and whys.


I probably should just stop making sure it is taken care of and let it fail a time or two.



I am involved in the Troop and a Crew for the daughter......as an ASM mostly second adult and the male advisor. The troop has a large adult roster, but mostly they are previous SM's who are too old to camp. I enjoy the troop, the boys want to be there, not being drug along by an over achieving parent. The crew is fun, it is great to see the boys teaching the girls skills and to watch the mix of social and high adventure events.







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CRAP! I acidentally hit "esc" after typing a whole responce! :)


Anyways, what it came down to was this: If everybody is doing nothing but expect you to do it all....then you owe them nothing!

But I can say "been there- done that" as a firefighter/ems/water rescue person for 15 years.


And I am doing it right now as a CM ..although nowhere as severe or as in depth as you are.


Basically, I am shaking my head , wondering why you are doing it, but realizing I have done it and still are doing it myself.


Sometimes, my wife gets mad at me because she can't understand how I can complain about so many self centered parents and single scout focused leaders...yet I spend $$ left and right on books, training, events, equipment and I go to at least 6 meetings a month on a regular month, plus extra meetings for events.



So, nothing beneficial to add to the post, but I totally understand where you are coming from and why you still do it.(This message has been edited by scoutfish)

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What made you commit to 4 or 5 years after your son had left??? Now they know they have you by the "you know what".. That is most likely why everything got dumped on you..


NEVER.. NEVER.. NEVER.. Commit to anything, at least without a "I will be there as long as you are also as committed as I to stepping up and helping out.. If I have no support, I am out of here"..

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Thank God for people like you to step up as a scout leader, especially with no son in the pack. I'm in the third year as CM and starting to feel stages of burnout due to some lack of involvement by parents. I do get rejuvenated when I do events with the scouts.

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Off topic perhaps:

"So for four hours I had 20 scouts, trying to help sand and design and cut. Yep violated youth protection because of parents seeking baby sitting and irresponsible leaders."

20 kids and one adult is not a violation of YP unless you're on a trip or outing.


"I had one parent 2 hours late picking up their scout, so I had the boy for 6 hours."

2 hours or 6 hours, 1 on 1 is not permitted.



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Read teh "winner from ebay:" comment and I will tell you something. FOR SOME FOLKS IT DOES NOT MATTER AS YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE (not shouting, ephassizing though)


When I first became a DE, actually I wasn't a DE yet as I "offically" became a DE on Monday after the district's PWD race there was a kid with no parent and his grandmother had no clue. She thought they built them at the event and then raced them. Long story short they left the PWD, made a very quick WEDGE car, painted it, and came back.


Unfortunately they came too late to race in his division. I asked if it would be OK if I raced it for him, he said ok, the judges smiled and said OK, and he stayed for the leaders' division. I asked if he would mind setting it up on the track for me, etc etc. No one had any problems with it.


He got to race his car against all the leaders. Did it win, no way in Hades did it win. Did he have fun. ABSOLUTELY. You could tell i his face and the excitement he had 'cause he could still race.


In addition to a car that he made with his grandfather, he got to race it and got a little Hot Wheels car. But I be the remembers the great time he had racing his car against the leaders.



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Hello Basemebntdweller,



I appreciate your sense of having made a commitmnent, but at a minimum you need to start planning how to get the help you very much need, for the benefit of everyone.


You might want to consider starting a new thread, describing you pack by number of boys and dens, Den Leaders, Committee Chair, Chartered Organization and ask for some help in deciding how to get things back on track.


I think you would get a variety of ideas and you might find some that you would like to try.

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Gee, Basement, you seem to be stretched kind of thin with all your Pack, Troop, Crew, Girl Scout activities. I don't think it is burnout as much as exhaustion.

What I would do, because I'm frequently into hardball, is mail each Cub parent a letter that you are thinking of disbanding the Pack because you can't get any parents to put in their monthly volunteer time. Then, just wait to see what happens.

Luck to you

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