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Troop monthly themes from Scouter Mag

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The annual Roundtable Guide has the themes in it:



It's issued on a 3 year cycle.


Troop Program Features may or may not have the monthly themes in them, but have a wealth of other resources. Most every theme will be supported in some form or other.





Finally, here is Scouting Magazine online (and you can e-read):



Does this help?

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To expand on th information from John, the Monthly themes are found in the Troop Program Features.


Example: January Roundtable Theme for Februrary: Pioneering. SPL can get most information and helps from Troop Program Features Vol III page 25 Pioneering. Can asssit new SPL's/SM's in scheduling/planning for Troop/Patrol meetings for the enitire month.


Mostly you want to satay a few months ahead and finalize the month before...


Just my $0.02



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Take training! Attend your District Roundtable.


The major purpose of Roundtable is to support the unit serving Scouter by introducing him to the monthly theme "next up."


It is one of the tools of the local Council to provide support to the Chartered Partner ... which is part of the Charter Agreement.(This message has been edited by John-in-KC)

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Haha good one...oh wait your serious.


I've attend a few Roundtables here and many at our old location over the years. RARELY have they been anything more than a read from the flyer type of event.


I should have specified, how do you find these official online resources that are available monthly or yearly. I could spend all day on scouting.org and never find the same thing twice. Figured there had to be an easier way or someplace I could bookmark. (and doing a web search on scouting.org is pointless)


Thanks for your help. Guess I'll go do some more searching.


P.S. I have taken training, why wouldn't I have?


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Yes, I'm serious. I've served RT staff since the fall of 2002 in my District.


I invite you to the North Star District, Heart of America Council Roundtable. We hold it the first Thursday of the month at Cerner Riverport Training Center (once known as Sam's Town Casino), generally at I-435 and Missouri 210 in Kansas City (North of the River). We don't read flyers.


If your RT is not delivering the promise, you need to engage your COR with your District Key 3. Of course, being part of the solution is always a help as well!

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Are you still pulling my leg? COR? We've been sending them info and inviting them to our events but they aren't much more than signatories on documents. Trying to work on the relationship, but it's not going anywhere yet.


Roundtable and CORs are constantly discussed on this forum as not living up to what they are supposed to be. Keep that in mind when providing them as a resource. I think most of us know how it is SUPPOSED to work but need alternatives. (Don't mention Unit Commissioner to me either, haven't had one in years probably.)


I would love to volunteer in another position, but I'm currently filling two with the Troop and two outside of Boy Scouts and work full time. I can't stand volunteers who don't live up to the expectations of the job, so I refuse to spread myself thin like I see others do.

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I have some information to report. I have contacted Scouter Magazine, and asked about the program inserts. I have been informed that Scouter Magazine no longer includes program theme information. I was not surprised to hear this regarding Cub Scouts, since Cub Scouts 2010 is very clear.


I was a bit surprised to learn the Troop program theme information is no longer included, though. I was directed to the "scout source" section of the national website by the scouter magazine respondant.


Of course, as you are all aware, the scout source section does not have the monthly program inserts. Yes, "Troop Program Features" is available in all three volumes for download.


The only document is the Round Table planning document, which lists the monthly themes into 2013.


I was hoping to utilize Boys Life, in concert with the monthly themes, to try and help a unit plan a great program, with as much support from BSA as possible. I can't think of a better system, than to have a national monthly magazine "follow" your troop program.


It's unfortunate that BSA is reducing the amount of monthly support.

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CT Bailey,


I just looked at the "Coming up in Boy's Life" in the E-edition of Scouting. There's a valid suggestion. Giving unit serving leaders a heads up on the thematic articles makes sense, rather than the slick "c'mon subscribe" blather there now.


There's a blog, run by one of the editorial staff of Scouting. I'll suggest just that!


In fact, I just did email Bryan Wendell, the associate editor of Scouting, at National. You can too, his blog (and email addy) is at:

http://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/(This message has been edited by John-in-KC)

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  • 1 year later...

Sorry to dredge this up again but during the past year or so I have noticed that (IMHO) National has made the relevance of Roundatble less and less.


They do not support the theme in Boys Life or Scouter, Iformation is available on-line for most District/Council/National events, and they even have Roundtable on-line as well as downloadable.


I state this as a Rountable Commissioner that is getting tired. I have the same people showing up month after month (about 4-6 people) and I am "preaching to the choir" as most of them are long time Scouters.


Is there really a relevance for Roundtable anymore? I think I will turn in resignation effective January 2013.



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Through the years, I've been to good RTs as well as bad ones. It all depends on the District RT staff I guess. A few years ago, I started going again, only to sit through a monthly slide/lecture series by the RT commissioner on topics like poisonous plants, how to set up a campsite, first aid, etc. Websites with long, complex URLs were cited. (Am I REALLY supposed to copy these down?) Dry at best. Followed by Q&A and the "Reading Of The Flyers". Some months we'd be "treated" to an "expert" whose real agenda was to hawk his store and expensive gear within.


I'm NOT trying to be cynical or sarcastic here; Perception Is Reality.


Calling the monthly RT a snoozefest would have been too kind a thing to say. I remember hearing hootin' and hollerin' across the hall...the Cub RT! Always wondered what was going on over there? One month I wandered in to find out! Engaging, fun, and hands-on! Why couldn't the Scout side be like that? At 9pm the Scout folks would be running to their cars, the Cub folks would be lingering until the building custodian had to subtly hint with a key-jingle.


Of course my giving any kind of constructive "feedback" would have been met with "Why don't you join our District Staff and share your ideas, etc, etc....?" So I just bit my tongue for the most part I'm a COR with active committee positions in pack and troop--that pretty much fills up my "hour a week," thanks. :)


Is there any "rule" in anyone's council against attending Roundtables in a neighboring district? I often send leaders seeking training opportunities to neighboring districts if they have a scheduling conflict with the training our district offers.

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Hi ghermanno, as a fellow RT Commissioner, I understand your challenge. One suggestion would be to use your next meeting to ask those 4-6 people what keeps them coming, what would make others come back, etc. Basically they could be a pseudo staff for that meeting (and maybe longer). I think I have it easier as a Cub Scout RTC since I see new faces all the time and I can repeat the program for the new Tiger Den Leaders. But I still want the old timers coming back to share their experiences with the newbies. I advertize what we will cover in our District mailer and in a direct email sent to all Cub Masters, Committee Chairs and those who attend regularly. I'm still only getting about 75% of the Packs to send someone, but I think they have fun and get new ideas each month.


I wish I had the time to attend roundtables at neighboring districts, but I'm happy to pick up new ideas at our quarterly Roundtable Commissioners meetings held at Council.


Good Luck and look for some new blood to help out!

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