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2019 WSJ at BSR!!!!!

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I just found out that Bechtel WILL be hosting the 2019 WSJ in conjunction with Scouts of Mexico and Scouts Canada.




Oldest is happy b/c he will be able to go IF he can save up the money. Middle is not happy b/c he will be 2 months shy of the deadline.



I think I may not be going to Philmont for a little while now :( But I may be going to Bechtel ;)

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Well, it's good news and bad news. My son will be 15, so I assume this is the only World Jamboree he'll be eligible to participate in as a youth. It's nice that it will be right next door (although I wonder if the BSA will keep prices reasonable for the US contingent). But on the other hand, he'll miss out on the opportunity to travel abroad to attend it, which, IMHO, would make it an even greater experience.

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It was kind of a forgone conclusion, as the bid by the BSA/SC/SM was unopposed.


People do need to keep in mind that the number of slots for BSA youth to attend will be about the same as for any other World Jamboree. Same hold true for adults wanting to be on staff. DON'T expect us to be able to send the same number of youth/staff as for our National jamboree.


Costs for the WJ is partially set by the world organization. Those in developed nations (like the US) will pay more then from others. Again, don't expect a 'discount' just because we are hosting it. (tho we get out of the expense of flying overseas).



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"Didn't Singapore and Italy put in bids? True the slots are more limited, and the costs are set by WOSM, but a good bit of the cost for a WSJ is the airfare."


I thought there was going to be more bids. But when the booklet on-line on all this was put up at the WOSM site, there was only ONE bid for the 2019 Jamboree. I think the fact that it was the BSA doing it PLUS it was a joint bid may have discouraged others from bidding. Since it had been talked up for a few years, this may have helped with this discouragment.


While, yes, a large cost of the WJ is airfare, it is a bit costly. I know my WJ costs in 2007 (no airfare) was close to $2000. Now, that included a tent and a few extras, so maybe the real cost (I'd have to dig thru my data to check) was closer to $1200, but that's more then what I paid for National ($800). Soooo, I would have to think that WJ 2019 for us in the US will be more then NJ, because we will be subsidizing the others.


We'll know better when we get closer to the event. Probably not till around 2017 (our second NJ at the Summit).


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Again thanks for the info. Any other info you're willing to share. I lucked out when I went to '95WSJ as I was able to go with the Brits at a very good price due to a slot opening up very last minute. Long story short, my camp warden handled 95% percent of the stuff for me, all I had to do was fill out an app, send in some money, and meet the group on the ferry.

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Eagle007 That better be a big jar.


It is great that the WSJ is coming to the BSR. Even though there are a lot of expenses, think of the costs save with not having to get international travel plans and passports. Not to mention the trouble of trying to explain the pocket knives that are running throughout the bags.


Anyway, I think it will be a great thing. My oldest son will be 18 so he will have to try as a staff or leader, my middle son may be able to attend.


The youngest will have just turned 9

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They did post a post-WJ2007 report that was very useful (wish National would do this for our NSJ).


Anyway, one of the sections spoke of costs. There are actually 4 category of country. One pays 100%, one pays 75%, one pays 50%, and one pays 25%. Depending on your country, that determines your fee as a participant or contingent leader. For IST, those 18-25 paid 70% of the fee, and those over 25 paid 80% of the fee.


So, for the 2007 World Scout Jamboree, these were the prices charged for us in the BSA:


Contingent members: 560 pounds

IST staff under 25: 392 pounds

IST staff over 25: 448 pounds


Now, National then tacked on all their costs (extra stuff, travel for contingents, etc. I seem to recall that as an IST staffer over 25, my cost was around $1800. I got a tent, a bag and knapsack, poncho, a couple of patches, and probably some insurance.


Not sure if someone is able to figure out what the exchange rate for pounds around that time.


Haven't seen the similiar costs for the 2011 WSJ, but haven't looked, to be honest.


So, hope that helps. Keep in mind we are speaking of an event that is 8 years out or so, so keep in mind possible inflation.





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