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Voting Rights on Troop Committee

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Each troop has its own style and like Seattle says this is Cub Scouts or maybe Webelos 3. Sounds like it's time to move on. Check out troops nearby and find one that your son likes. You can't change the troop, so change troops!

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This level 6 Tiger Cub program sounds like a bad place to be.


I would say make decision to do one of three things:



Move on to another unit.



Suck it up and live it as is, making the best of it.



Try to change it, but if change doesn't work, move on elsewhere.


Scouts in this situation should look at all available options, find out about other troops, consider where their friends are, what the programs are like, then make a choice and do it.





I know the situation. My current troop folded and then was restarted with new members and leaders with a few "legacy" people as names for the committee roster.

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E-Mtns, you have been complaining about your son's Troop for almost a year now. You obviously have a big problem with the SM, most of the leaders, and the program.


Your son's Scouting experience is not getting any better, and there does not seem to be any indication that it will get any better any time soon - if you stay in this Troop.


Why on earth are you still there?


Take your son, visit other Troops, and find one that fits your son, and provides a decent program.

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E-mtns - I agree with what others are saying. The only thing I can think of that is holding you in this troop is that your son wants to stay for friends or because he does not see the difference of an Adult run troop vs a boy run troop.


All I can say is, though I admire you trying to let him make the decisions in his BS career, since you are in a troop that will not let him make decisions, your one small effort is like a small pebble on a bed of sand. The sand will just consume it.


Do the same type of adult leading in getting him to see it is time to go, then allow him the choice of various troops in the area, even if a drive is involved. We drove 30 minutes to be in a good troop and looked the radious of a 45 minute drive. If it is a good troop it is worth the time.


Once he has selected a new troop, then you can again sit back and let him make his own decisions.


The boy does get the right to make decisions, but the troop has to meet some of the parents objectives also for why they have him in the scouting program.

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