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For many years I sat at our Council Awards Dinner and listened to all of the stuff (Activities and the like.) That the good people who were receiving the Silver Beaver, were involved with.

Most times I was really taken back at how many other organizations and how much good work these people were up to.

I often pondered "Where do they find the time?"

Up until about five or six years back, when HWMBO became ill.

I was deeply involved in Scouts and Scouting that I just didn't have the time for much else.

In fact as I have posted in the past, I was guilty of putting Scouts and Scouting ahead of my family.

Strange thing is that when I look at the people I was hanging out with, they were as deeply involved as I ever was and in some cases even more deeply involved.

Much as I like to think that my cronies and self were doing good. The truth is that we did spend a lot of time just hanging out, telling and re-telling war stories, trying to set everything that is wrong just about anywhere to rights, especially within Scouting and the Council we serve.

We rarely missed a opportunity to tease each other and pull each others leg.

For a very long time, I made the mistake of fooling myself that the amount of time spend doing stuff for Scouts. (Even when I wasn't really getting anything done!) Showed my commitment.

Then I was really silly and thought that the amount of time I was spending should act as some kind of a yard stick that I'd use to judge others.


Over the past few years I've cut back a lot.

I have got a lot better at saying "No" -" No I'm sorry I can't do ..." Or "No I really just don't have the time."

The "No" Word was something I used to have a hard time with.

Life has gone on.

The last Jamboree came and went, somehow they managed to pull it off without me having to be there.

I thought that I'd miss being at the Jamboree, but I didn't.

Wood Badge courses have been held and gone very well without any input from me.

Maybe the District isn't as big membership-wise as when I was around? Maybe the community FOS campaign isn't bringing in as much cash?

But much as I'd love to say that everything is falling apart without me. The truth is that life goes on just fine.


I know that now that I'm not doing as much as I used too. I don't have the same passion that I used to have.

I think that maybe I'm a little more open minded than I used to be. I now can even see that at times the BSA isn't always right! (Lord Help Me!).

I can even see that at times the organization that I love dearly is very "Full of itself".

I do of course have a lot more time and I'm getting really good at doing nothing! While enjoying it.

I like the idea that after neglecting my wife for so long that I'm at long last making amends.


I have noticed that what's on the telly seems a lot more interesting, when you know that your not going to be home, than it does when you are home.


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This is probably the most insightful thing I have read on this board. Thank you for posting this, something I thought for quite some time. I continue to feel that if we (adults) all just do a "little" together, let the boys do the rest, and spend quality time with our families and other activities it is for the better.

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