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Were only days away from a new calendar year.


So, what, if any, resolution will you hold yourself to in the coming year?


Being Scouts and Scouters, surely the pantheon of virtues stated in the Scout Oath and Scout Law will be mentioned often.


For those elected into the Order of the Arrow, will you remind yourselves to be unselfish in service and devotion to the welfare of others?


Will you be more vigilant in your efforts to Leave No Trace when visiting the great outdoors?


Will you continue, or perhaps join, the health initiative and eat healthy and exercise (more)?


For me, its all of the above. And be more patient with others.


The very best to you all in the coming year,

Eagle 77


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The crew is going to Philmont in 2012.....I need to lose weight to be in the guidelines


To spend less money on Scouting, Yea I spend why too much out of my own pocket to send boys to camp and activities. Not going to buy the sob storys.


Spend more quality time with the family outside of scouting.


Worry less about district, council and national, give the youth I serve the best program possible

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My Daughters Crew is going to Philmont in 2012 also. So here is my list


Get fit enough to keep up with her and the rest of the crew


Break my smoking habit so I can get my NEW truck


Continue to provide the best program around, while still being the best father to my kids, all 4 of them


More time with wife and kids. (I have been getting better at this part though.)

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