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Scout Camp The Movie

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Have to wonder how many of you have seen this film and what your impression of it was. I would like to see it myself but, havent gotten around to ordering it. I also wonder if your boys have or have not taken to the Alex Boye song from the movie that he sang for everyone at jamboree called "born to be a scout" I know they also played it frequently on jamboree radio. I liked the song myself even if it is very generationally modern. (my own personal diplomatic term for all things more recent than my generations taste. lol)

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As for the song, Alex Boye was also asked to come and perform and the Kentucky Centennial Jamboree at E.P. Tom Sawer State Park back in October for 12,000 Scouts during the Saturday campfire/show. The OA Service Corps provided the back-up dancers, recruiting mostly Scouts who had seen it at Jamboree who were all very enthusiastic to take part, in fact so many volunteered for it that not all could fit on stage and an extra rank of dancers was placed in front of the stage at ground level. Oddly I think the older guys liked it more than the younger ones. There is a video of this on youtube. Unfortunately I can't comment on the movie (missed a screening on Friday night at the same event hosted by the producer) but the song and dance are not bad at all.

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I'll echo Pack212Scouter. It was decent.


I like the Alex Boye "Be A Scout" song, I believe the Scouts enjoy it.


As for the movie, it was slightly humorous. The first (and maybe the last) time I watched it, was leading into our video game / dodge-ball lock in; and following our TLT and Annual Planning Seminar.


To compare it, against a couple of other choices.


After a long week and long evening we started the video at 10 p.m., then this movie put me to sleep. We voted for "Scout Camp, The Movie", since it was a new movie; over "Follow Me Boys" and "Down and Derby". I think the whole troop thought it was humorous at most, but regretted not choosing "Down and Derby" instead.


So.. The song is fun. The movie is okay, and maybe worth putting on your shelf of Scouting tools. But I wouldn't give the movie away as a Christmas gift.


Scouting Forever and Venture On!

Crew21 Adv

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And he is serious. I suppose we will all be sitting on our hands while waiting for this one too. I would like to at this time give my full support to beavah and his auditioning for a lead role in this one. What say you all?



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That does sound like a good zombie movie.


At our house, we only watch educational TV, so one of our favorite cartoons is "Camp Lazlo":




For some reason which I can't understand, they didn't get the approval of the BSA to use the words "Boy Scouts", so this camp is instead affiliated with the Bean Scouts of America.


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I bought the movie, watched last night with son. Movie is okay,

it had some funny parts in it. I never have been to summer camp so can't say what goes on during them.

Son is exicted about going to BS soon , thought this would be thing to watch with him.I'll probably watch it again, but won't make it weekly thing.

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