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Boomerscout, gotta watch those generalities. I'm not a non-profit lawyer, but to the best of my knowlege, any local rules apply to how the non-profit organization handles the money, not how it is handled by the person collecting it, varying depending on whether it is collected as the non-profit, or as a member of the non-profit. There are a lot of legal variables that a blanket statement cannot cover.(This message has been edited by pack212scouter)

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Sheilab and Clemlaw,



Yeah.. Sorry for hijacking the thread and getting off topic a little. Just blowing off steam.


I have a parent, that has legitimate questions, but doesn't attend Crew Officer/Committee meetings, where finance reports are given. But he wants an answer now. I think this parent is wondering why I receive checks from the Crew, which is explained during Crew meetings. I don't think this parents understands, that when Venturers (and their parents) pay to register for an event, within hours before midnight of the cutoff. That the Postal Service just doesn't work that fast, and someone needs to "electronically" front the money on behalf of the Crew.


Also... When the Venturers ask to go to the paintball range, our local ranges do not offer a target shoot; they are competitive combat paintball ranges. Those are the only type for miles, and that is what I say No to. But my feedback from one parents, is that I don't listen to the youth. I serious have no idea what he is talking about. The only thing I've said "no" to for the past few years, is going to the paintball range to shoot at each other.


Good Questions. But the parent seems confrontational, and probably has already made up his mind to remove his teenager from our Crew. I think the parent is just trying to blame it on our Crew program, to make it easier on their teens questions.


Back on topic. Yeah. I know of a few examples, not only my own; of when its just has been easier to filter Scout money thru a personal account. A few contributing factors are; timing, bank location, banking officer hours, etc. But that is the reason why finance reports are provided and audits are done.


I guess Im a trusting person, but as the saying goes Trust, but verify


Scouting Forever and Venture On!



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hazards of placing money raised into your personal account for safekeeping:

the IRS can & may determine any amount deposited to your account is income to you, and needs to be taxed

you may be accused of embezzlement or theft. Your "excuse" after the fact that it's just for safekeeping may taint you forever

you may be accused of money-laundering (far-fetched, but still possible)

your unit may not be able to give the original donor a receipt for income tax purposes since the check you write reflects your name only

should something happen to you, your executor may see no need to turn over your estate's funds to your unit

donors having their checks cashed by you may become suspicious of you and your troop forevermore

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