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Larry McLaughlin has filmed and produced "The Philmont Documentary Collection" which starts out with some spectacular scenes and vistas of Philmont followed by a short history. Then the movie follows a Venture Crew from Austin, Texas. Only someone with a deep appreciation and knowledge of Philmont could have filmed this and Larry clearly does. There are several extras that are also great. If you have gone; are going; or considering going to Philmont; you will find this film of interest. One of the leaders breaks her leg and ankle on the trail and had to go to Taos for surgery so do not show to parents until you have first seen it yourself. You can see some trailers and order the movie at: www.philmontmovie.com as well as get a little more information. I highly recommend this to scouts and all scouters.

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I got a reply back that they can't ship to me in Europe. Man that was upsetting... I am reading and watching everything I can find about Philmont at the moment. Getting ready to hopefully go this summer as a day trip, and then next year for a course. and hopefully in three years as a Crew Advisor..


BTW. If anyone else knows how I can get this film on DVD please let me know..

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