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A lot of parallels betweens our experiences. I joined as a Cub, and progressed through the levels and ranks. I remember wanting to join Cubs because I thought it would be cool to wear the blue uniform. When we moved, I was able to make instant friends through the new Pack.


Boy Scouts was fun. I don't remember who posted about being the knot wiz, but my first camporee, I was the star & constellation wiz. We had just studied astronomy at school. Our patrol just blew that station away. The others were impressed, especially the older ones. OA was a big help. Back then, it took several years to get in due to being only able to elect so many depending on the Troop's membership numbers. That was a big turning point. Became part of the Ceremony Team & LEC.


Unlike Resqman, I never really became bored. I was always interested in EMS & the Fire service. My Eahle project was centered around them. I went ont to become a volunteer Medic/FF for 25 years. I gradually left that after rejoining Scouts with my sons, and becoming more involved. I'm currently the OA Chapter Advisor, Religious Relations Chair, & ASM (probably stepping up to SM in the next couple of months).


Like Resqmans son, my oldest was involved in swimming, and opted out of Cubs, and the first several years of Scouts. As a family, we camped, canoed, and hiked big timeN right out of the craddle. The boys were use to camping at least once a month since they were babies. They still love it. Our oldest finely joined at 15. 9 months. He told the SM that he would be Eagle before 18. He wanted to be like his dad. He short of shook up some of the adults. They thought a kid coming in at his age wouldn't know what he was doing out in the woods. He knew more then most of them, which put them ill at ease at first. He was also a guru with a compass. He pulled off Eagle, OA, and a Religious Emblem, while pulling a full coarse load & extraciriculars. He is now a Troop CM, but plans to step back to ASM this year. He definitely followed me, and is now an EMT/FF.


The youngest (Special Needs) has no other interests then Scouting. He is slowly working toward Eagle. He has been a Chapter officer, & is the Lodge historian. He has only missed on OA activity since his Ordeal. He has found rides when my wife & I have been out of state. He has worked the last 3 out of 4 years on camp staff. He also met his wife through a Venture Crew. The father-in-law was a SM also. The future grandsons won't have a chance. LOL.


When asked why they both enjoy Scouting, it is doing things in the outdoors, being around the other Scouts definitely living by the law & oath, and neither has ever bent to peer pressure.

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My two youth-oriented programs of support are the BSA and the CAP. (I've significant time and association with both.)


When I offered my son the option of either, he chose BSA. Ultimate reason why, from his perspective? "I don't have to get a haircut with the BSA."



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