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I sometimes worry that we worry a bit too much

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I have been around for a while.

So far I've never met a Lad who joined Scouts because he felt that he was in need of a character overhaul.

Most join to have fun. Those who don't as a rule don't stay and when what we offer stops being fun a good many will quit.


Exactly what fun is? Can at times be hard to explain.

Fun isn't something that is done at the expense of others.

But I'll own up to at times, what might be called playful teasing and leg pulling.

Of course there is some risk involved in this and when it gets out of hand it can become something that is seen as hazing or bullying.

There is some element of risk in a lot of what we do.

If we were to take all the risk out of everything we might have a hard time offering a program that is challenging and fun.

I have had the misfortune to be around people who seem to want to make a big deal about just about everything.

Some have somehow managed to read a heck of a lot more into YP than I ever have.

Some take great joy in preaching that this or that is some kind of a gray area and left to them campfires would be nothing but nursery rhymes.

I do take the Oath and Law to heart, I hope that I always do my best to be kind.

I take the safety and well being of the kids in my charge very much to heart. I again hope that I'd never place any child in unnecessary danger.

While I don't agree that "Boys will be Boys" is ever a good reason for bad or misconduct, I do believe that "Boys will be boys" and that this is an important part of growing up and part of what is needed to become an adult.


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This seems to come also under the bent of polotical correctness. One of the reasons that I was overjoyed when my son was interested and then loved Scouting is that while all participate and "do your best" not all succeed in the end and it has definite goals and challenges that need to be met.

Call me old fashioned but I believe that success is earned and not everyone deserves to "win" that is just life.


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