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I'm sure this topic has had to come up here before, but I can't remember seeing it recently. What are some of your favorite Scout camp fire skits? Hopefully some readers might get some new ideas for upcoming campfire programs.


My all time favorite skit, from the time I was a youth in the program, is the "Princess Princess" skit, where two scouts act out a scene in which they each portray five or six different characters.


Others of mine include the "Emergency Broadcast System" skit, where the camp staff starts making a long "beep" noise and lines up orderly and calmly in front of the campfire. A senior staffer steps forward and says "This is a test of the camp emergency broadcast system. This is only a test. In the event of an actual emergency, this is how the camp staff would respond." And then pandemonium breaks loose in the staff - running, screaming, sitting down with hands over ears, etc.


And of course, "If I Were Not A Boy Scout" is ALWAYS a classic, especially when they come up with some new characters!

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Ah, you beat me to my favorite! That Princess, Princess skit sounds exactly like one I knew as the Suitor skit. If the two scouts know what they're doing, it can be hilarious. I will actually be doing that at my troop's demonstration for some Weblos on our campout next weekend.


And yes, one can never go wrong with a good If I Were Not A Boy Scout :)

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Fellow Scouters,


I've gotten a kick out of "If I Were Not a Boy Scout", especially once when only two older Scouts did about 12 parts. During each adding chorus, they would run behind the other Scout to the other side, just in time for their chorus stanza.


For Cub Scouts, something a little more easier I usually like, Train Tracks. Two Den leaders are arguing Bear Tracks, No, Wolf Tracks, No, .... Then the Cub Den walk right infront of the two leaders, first boy carrying a flash light, and the boys saying "choo Choo"


Then both Den Leaders agree "Train Tracks!".


Most recently, a new spin on an older skit. I recently saw the Firing Squad. They go thru the acting of stating these 4-5 men have committed crimes and must be executed by Firing Squad. First prisoner stands opposite of the firing squad and just after "Ready! Aim!" yells "Tornado!". Then the firing squad scrambles, while the prisoner runs away.


Okay, so its an old skit. Just a few weeks ago, the third prisoner comes up and after "Ready, Aim"; the third prisoner yells. "H1N1 (covers his face) Achoo!, Achoo!, Achoo!" Then runs away.


I think the adults at the camporee nearly fell over laughing so hard; we just weren't expecting it. We continued laughing at it, I don't even think we heard what prisoner 4 said, before prisoner 5 said "Fire".


Scouting Forever and Venture On!


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Oh I loved the "Princess Princess" or "suiter" one, if done right, the first time I saw it, it was! the second time the two scouts involved were a little more insecure and the hamming it up did not come off as so funny..


There was one I saw only once that I don't know if it was local or not. But it was someone sitting in a huge chair "Like Lilly Thomlin of "Laugh In".. I was a child when that was on the air, but that dates me so not sure if many people know what I am refering to. Anyway they just went through some common child story, not sure if it was Three little pigs or Goldy Locks, but something like that, and just the voice and the comments around it where hystarical.. I looked forward to it at the same camp next year, and the guy that did it was no longer there and they didn't do it. (I think he was the only one who they thought could pull it off.).. He was also one of the actors of the Princess, Princess when it was done so successfully.


With some of these the actors definatly can make or break a skit.

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Whether its the Firing Squad Skit, The Lighthouse Skit (The WINDOW!), Smooth and Creamy, et al they just drive me nuts.


I appreciate an original skit, modeled on the Camp Staff, Recent events or music.


Havin the youth do the same inspid routine they have seen for years is as mind numbing an experience as I ever have endured. Nothing like a protracted "Loon full of Sugar makes the Medicrine go down" or Motorcycle/Roughriders skit (This guy has had enough, lets get the guy in the tent) to make me want to scratch my eyes out


Original skits, done with local references are my favorite

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How about posting sources for some of these skits? Some I've seen, but have trouble filling in the details. Others, I've never heard of. It would be nice to find scripts...(a quick Google didn't find one for Princess Princess). Thanks.

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Got a few PMs about what kind of original skits have I seen, helped write, this is one that can be done in honor of 100 years of scouting, it takes 8 scouts


Around a Campfire


Scout 1: I am so glad to be out of the house, all my parents think about is scouting, my dad wants to serve tin foil dinners at my birthday party this year


Scout 2: You think thats bad? My parents looted my college fund to buy Coleman stock when they got a tip they were coming out with a propane powered microwave camp stove.


Scout 3: Yeah, well my dad opens bills with his pocket knife


Scout 4: My dad went out to get a new car and he came back with 1989

Chevy Impala Wagon because it had a Fleur de lis hood ornament


Scout 5: My Dad was arrested at the airport, he wouldnt let go of his toe nail clippers until the TSA guy said thank you


Scout 6 Last winter when we lost power for a day my parents started using the 3 pot method for washing dishes, and We are STILL USING IT!


(Scout 7 and Scout 8 walk onto stage)


Scout 7: Hey, what are you guys doing?,


Scout 1: Oh, we are just talking about how nuts our parents are over scouting, Arent you the twin brothers who just joined the Troop? We don't know your names


Scout 8 Yes, just joined and our parents are unquestionably the most nuts over scouting, without a doubt!


Scout 2: Oh yeah? What makes you so sure?


Scout 8 You want to handle that one Baden?


Scout 7 No, you take it Powell.(This message has been edited by OldGreyEagle)

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