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I Hope No One Noticed

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I dont know if any of you scouters out there were following Americas Got Talent on TV. My wife was so I caught a few of the episodes.


Last night was the Grand Finale. In addition to the finalists they had a variety of acts, one of which was a medley done by previous contestants who (obviously) didnt make the cut.


One of these acts was an overweight guy in short shorts (or something) who did cartwheels and jumped around the stage amongst the other former contestants. What this guys talent was was beyond me and it was perfectly clear why he wasnt in the finals.


Something caught my eye about the guy and I got up close to the TV to confirm what I saw. Hes wearing a scout uniform shirt! I exclaimed to my wife. It had the old red tabs and the Universal Emblem was quite clear. There was something on the temporary insignia pocket, but I couldnt make it out.


Not the type of exposure the BSA has in mind Im sure (hence the title of this thread). I wonder if this guy is actually associated with a unit.





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Way Way Way back when Ozzie Osbourne graced the airwaves with insight into his domicile, his daughter was seen sporting a BSA uniform top sporting a "Los Angelos Area Council" patch.


From my son I learned it was quite the rage back then and even today you can go on Ebay and search for EMO Boy Scout stuff and get quite an eyeful.


BTW EMO is/was a lifestyle and music genre, generally if you see 5 guys singing in tight black girls jeans while wearing tight black t shirts and all are crying so much their eyeliner is running, its EMO


Which of course brings about the statement, "I wish my lawn was EMO, then it would cut itself"

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My nephew is in an "emo" band - Cap'n Jazz - though the band rejects the term.


They're considered part of the "new emo" genre identified not by guys in black pants, black shirts, and black eyeliner, but brainy guys wearing glasses (more nerds meet grunge if you ask me).


It got him to Japan, Germany, Scotland, England and Australia.


I'd say "emo" did alright by him.



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My high school son was spotted in his uniform at a charity event, which led to a Facebook post by a girl about "loving a man in uniform."


This led to several posts between her and other girls on his page about wanting to borrow his uniform shirts for Halloween this year, and about how sexy it would be for all of them to be wearing them.


So Scouting can be uncool, but sexy and cool, and not cool, and ...



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Of course the BSA uniform is sexy and cool, you just have to know how to do it. This is why we held training sessions on it at the SR-7A Conclave for a couple years, lol.


Please note, it was not actually about that, it was just titled that. The focus was more about some of the lesser known things about the BSA, and also some proper uniforming guidelines that are often overlooked. We just decided to name it that for some laughs.(This message has been edited by VigilEagle04)

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