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How deeply do you vet new leaders?

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"My Pack is going to start requiring an application and background check for each parent with kids in the pack. Our COR stated this is the new national policy."


While untrue for now, I think something like this is coming. My CO/unit is considering an "approved safe driver list" as there are parents who are known to be accident-prone, drive distracted, and worse. Nice people, just not safe drivers. I think part C of the new Health and Medical Form shows where we are heading:

"Adults authorized to take youth to and from the event: (You must

designate at least one adult. Please include a telephone number.)

1. ________________________________________________________

2. ________________________________________________________

3. ________________________________________________________

Adults NOT authorized to take youth to and from the event:

1. _______________________________________________________

2. _______________________________________________________

3. _______________________________________________________"


A side-effect of this Part C is some parents now feel empowered to ask up front who are the adult leaders for trips, especially the big $$$ trips and specify similar restrictions, e.g., 'My son has my permission to be on a backpack crew with ASM A and ASM B but not C and D.' "When we are spending that kind of money, we just want our son to be with those he likes. Not necessarily personal, we do the same when selecting a music teacher... "


More hassle.


My 2 aspirin,(This message has been edited by RememberSchiff)

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Seeing as it is part of the ANNUAL physical form which BSA requires for all Scouts and leaders, I have seen it as naming who is authorised to take to and pick up the Scout in general. In other words, these people may pick up and drop off for scouting meetings and events. What happens after the pickup and dropoff is the Units perogotive at that point.

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Beardad writes "She's the best COR we've had" & that she has stated "That if they can't pass the CBI, we don't need their kind around". Beardad, no disrespect meant, but is the Chartering Org. Pebble Beach or some other elite club or organization? So, if the parents are bad, so follow the children? Sounds a bit elitist, as well as passing judgement without trying to get to know these parents, or understand their situation.


She may sound like she is the best COR ever, but is she really doing a diservice to Council, Scouting, and to the boys that may really be able to use the guidance that Scouting may provide? And she just threw them all out to the dishwater. I guess she has never been around the inner-city. Oops, I'm playing her game. Sorry.


I'm just a little testy with these Cub leaders/parents who cry they are doing what is best for their Scout(s), when in reality they are exerting their biases & discrimination towards others that are not like them, or meet their self imposed standards. Plus, what are they teaching their Scouts about acceptance.


Sorry, not trying to hijack the thread. We're just in a similar situation where a Pack's leadership is trying to strongarm themselves into leadership position within the Troop, and want a strong Scouting family (at the Council, District, Lodge levels) with a Special Needs Scout they don't understand or want to work with, removed from the Troop, or threatening to start a new Troop if demands are not met.


Vetting potential leaders is good when utilized appropriately. I agree that people moving from the Pack level to the Troop level should be placed in committee positions, or ASMs for a year or so to see how they progress in a Troop setting before placing them in a CC, COR, or SM position irregardless of their Pack position. It's not the same world, Cubs & Scouting. Doesn't matter if they were in Scouting as youth, or an Eagle or WB while in Cubs. Doesn't mean they can function at these levels. I would definitely check references, and if possible, check with others that know the person in question that weren't used as references to get a real perspective on the potential leader. Given references are usually vetted by applicantbefore used, and then are usually biased in favor of said applicant.


Just my $50 worth. Again, sorry for the rant.

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Our CO is a community youth center in a small suburb. I don't think so much that she is being elitest, as she is one of the those uber type a personalities that takes on everything, and is finally burning out. she has 1.5 years left. and I think she wishes it was sooner. I've seen it in other things too. I think she is not so much as being a snob, as just looking at he byproduct of the policy as not her problem.

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Thanks for agreeing Scoutnut. Even if she is burnt out, that mindset is simple wrong. If she is Tired, why doesn't she start vetting and training a new CC? When they are trained to her satisfaction, then step down and let new blood get involved, and offer a hand to these youth in this demographic.

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