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"Area VOA was getting into the habit of calling Venturing area gatherings "Summits". That noun fit nicely. But it is now being used for a specific lattitude/longitude where boy scouts will gather every four years starting in 2013."


News to me.


But if they called these "Area Venturing Summits" I think that would distinguish them from "The Summit", etc.


I've also argued for the reuse of the terms "Encampment" and "Rendezvous" for Venturing events, as they used to be for Explorer events, and don't seem to be used much today other then by Sea Scouts & some Varsity Scout events (Rendezvous).



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I am getting ready to go to Area 5's (Northeast Region) Venturing Insomniacs Revenge Sept 24 25 26 in the Beuatiful Goose Pond scout camp in NEPA. The DIning Hall is a Classic and I am sure Kudu could tell us why.


Its called an Insomniacs Revenge because the program starts at 10PM on Friday and runs through until after Dinner on Saturday. They never could get the youth to settle down so they just started the program at 10pm. Ever do a zip line at 3am into total darkness? Thats a trip

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'But if they called these "Area Venturing Summits" I think that would distinguish them from "The Summit", etc.'


Problem is The Area Summit winds up being redacted to "the Summit."


I like "Encampment", but I'll go with whatever the youth decide to call it. Actually, "Insomniacs Revenge" defines nearly every Venturing activity!!!

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Just back from the Area 5 Insomniacs Revenge and Cardboard Boat Regatta. The program started at 10pm FRiday night and ran through to the Area 5 VOA elections SAturday evening. I got to tell you, it was great, about 100 youth attended. NEPA is a great Council for Venturing, their Council President was in attendance, as he is for most events I attend and he is a great guy. NEPA puts on a great program. I am duplicating this post in the Venutring Section as well.


The Regatta was great, 6 boats competed in the Race as well as the Design and Theme categories. Best Design was Crew 007, Bond Jane Bond

(All female Crew), Best theme Crew 241 Tie Dye and the fastest boat? Crew 241 as well, proving even if you are a hippie, you can be competitive,


By the way, Crew 512 was the only boat qualifying for the Titantic Award, and they did with grace and aplomb

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We've done events similar to this "Insomniacs Revenge" in our area, but for the scouts on both sides of the US/Canada border. They fall under two different names depending on who is running it:


Night Hawk and Star Trek (not the sci-fi show)


Start at 10pm or so and go through until morning. Hike of roughly 5km or so with scout event stations along the trail. Usually in a loop and every patrol starts at a different point of the loop (so some will put in a bit more than 5km when it's all said and done). You're allowed up to 20 minutes per station (depending on number of stations, patrols participating, etc.). Just about any event you can think of--low-level cope course elements (try doing the spider web with only two candles as your only light sources), some of the usual camporee-type events (picture Kim's Game in the form of a messy campsite--scouts can examine the camp site for 5 minutes and then are expected to write-down the 20 problems they spotted--they usually forget to look-up and spot the underwear sitting in the tree just above eye level), games of trust (ever tried nailing a nail with a hammer while the guy with the hammer and the guy with the nail are both blindfolded and must follow directions from the third not-blindfolded scout?), and so on.


A shortened version of this running 2 hours has become a staple at "Moosehorn".


That's Moosehorn International Camporee, held at Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge outside of Calais, Maine and a stone's through from New Brunswick. 48 years strong and has been featured in the past in Scouting Magazine.

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