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Camperships were a part of our troop for years but have been nonexistent for a dozen years or more. We are trying to rebuild the system. Our situation is interesting in that our Treasurer is vehemently opposed to Camperships because he believes all scouts should work for the good of the whole, and that the troop should not support individual division of labor. Because of this, one committee member has stepped up to be a "campership coordinator," and a another has stepped into the role of "fundraising coordinator."


The Campership coordinator is my wife, and I want to help her out with her accounting. I want to help her out with a spreadsheet plan which may facilitate good recordkeeping. I could certainly create a complex Excel file to do this, but I only dabble a little with spreadsheet development. If anyone out there is already using a good Excel file for this and is willing to share, please PM me and I will pass back my email address to which you can forward the document.


Likewise, I am open to discussion on how to best accommodate this. I want to keep my fingers out of it as SM, but I would like to get some good information to pass on to others who will be involved with this.

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We use self-generated camperships, and don't see them as any big deal. Some boys do poorly in fundraising -- especially the sales type funders. As long as they make a proven effort, they go.

Other families that have been on top of things in the past may have had sudden misfortune befall them. Our slush fund takes care of them also. We have some Scouters who will do home visits accompanied by their spouses. Generally, the freeloaders will suddenly payup, while those truly needing assistance become a troop service project (mow lawns, caulk holes & cracks, general clean-up, etc)


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