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Flipping the channels last night and came across the documentary film - Boy Scouts of Harlem - on Maryland Public Television. It was the simple concept of following four boys from Troop 759 based in Harlem, NY on their week-long summer camp adventure at Ten Mile River Camp (Keowa). It was touching and incredibly well done. For the experienced scouter it is so familiar. For those outside our scouting community it offers a portrayal of the character development that is instrumental to the scouting movement. Anyone else seen it?





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I received a letter today from Justin Szalsa, the director of 759: Boy Scouts of Harlem, with some unhappy news this morning. One of the stars of the film, Colin KC Byers, has passed away. He was just a few days short of his 18th birthday.

You can read Justin's letter at http://www.melrosetroop68.org/blog/?p=1960

A short video of Colin's days as a Boy Scout, including some footage from his Eagle court of honor can be seen at

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Thank You.

I really am at a loss for words.

I suppose we should be glad that Scouts and Scouting was such a big part in a life that ended all too short.

My heart goes out to his parents and members of the Troop.


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I had heard of this but hadn't seen it. I'm going to look for it because 1) 5scoutdad and I both grew up in NYC and 2) 5scoutdad actually attended TMR as a scout. I think it might be a nice movie to show to our upper middle class troop and crew.

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I had an email conversation with MPT. It seems to not be in their program index due to the number in the title. Even tho MPT was the sponsor for the making of the documentary, and they distributed it to other PTStations. It was on the MPT channels at 9pm Sunday. It is available for purchase, but they have no immediate plans to show it again in the foreseeable future.

Here's a ready made fanbase.

Make your desire to have it broadcast again by emailing the MPT viewer member services:::




Tell them you would like to know when it is broadcast so you can notify the Scouts in your area. I gave them the media chair in our Council, and contact people in neighboring councils.


Buy DVD at http://www.mpt.org/eshop/?q=node/195


Show it at Roundtable? to your Troop?

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