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Rifle & Shotgun shooting for Boy Scouts?

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OK... I give...


I've searched and can't locate an answer to this (though I'm sure it's there somewhere...)


Any age restriction for Boy Scouts on .22 rifle shooting?


How about Shotgun?


I see the G2SS info. Just want to make sure I'm not missing some clause or footnote somewhere. If you have specific info (other than the G2SS), please let me know the specific document source.



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Pritch, from the Guide to Safe Scouting:




1.Boy Scouts may shoot single shot 22 caliber rifles only.

2.All rifle shooting activities must be supervised by a currently NRA -certified Rifle Instructor and when on the range, must be supervised by a currently NRA-certified Range Safety Officer.

3.Shooting safety glasses and ear protection must be worn on rifle ranges.

4.Care must be taken to comply with federal, state, and local laws




For Boy Scouts, .22's is the only rifle they can shoot, Venturing Crews on the other hand can shoot anything caliber rifle they can find a safe range for


PS Boy Scouts may not shoot pistols, even 22's while Venturers may shoot any size pistol they can shoot safely, they do need the NRA training beforehand however(This message has been edited by OldGreyEagle)

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Yah, da document yeh want is the Age Appropriate Activity Guidelines. .22 rifles and any shotguns are recommended as age appropriate for Boy Scouts.


But generally, if it isn't forbidden, it's permitted, eh? Subject to your own knowledge and level of comfort as da responsible and trained adult leader.



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While not pertinant to the original post, you can still buy single shot "breakaway" .22 rifles.


They are training rifles. Hard to find for sure, but still made.


Myself, I have a .22 semi tube loader that holds 11 rounds. It's older than I am.


My son has a "Chipmonk" rifle. .22 bolt action.

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Beavah, we haven't had a misunderstanding in a very long time so we may be due, but to me this statement:


1.Boy Scouts may shoot single shot 22 caliber rifles only.


Means the only caliber rifle a Boy Scout may shoot is a single shot .22. Now, allowing a scout to shoot any model .22 by giving him one shell at a time is fine as well.


But are you saying that a Boy Scout can shoot another caliper?

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OGE, why would you shoot a caliper? Do yeh have something against precision measurement? :)


.22s in Boy Scouting program have to be single shot (bolt action too, IIRC). I don't remember that there's an exception for giving 'em one shell at a time, but that seems reasonable. Boy Scouting program is limited to .22 caliber, but has no gauge limit for shotgun.


Bilgerat was looking for documentary proof that boy scouts of any age can shoot .22s and shotguns, eh? He's not going to find that because da way we work is we only place restrictions, not permissions. If there's no restriction of firearms to an age group, then yeh don't need to find documentation that it's permitted.



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