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Longtime lurker, but first time joining in the forums. Website is a great resource and I am now going to get more active in the forums as I will soon be entering unchartered territory. I've been involved in Scouting for 26 years now as a youth and leader. I 've served as a leader in every Scouting program except Cubs to date and like to say "been there, done that, have the patch and shirt, now I'm part of the problem!"


I've been a Cub, Scout and Sea Explorer, and loved Scouting so much that I kept going as a leader. I've been a ASM, Exploring Assoc. Adv., Dis. Comm. member, Venturing Assoc. Adv, Sea Scout Skipper (don't ask me how they Shanghied me for that one), UC, and a professional Scouter as a council DE and national supply geek until seeing the light. Yep I joined the darkside before seeing the light, LOL. Currently I am an OA Chapter Adviser.


As I mentioned already, I will be entering unchartered waters soon as my oldest is Cub Scout age next year. While I've been kept up to date with the changes in the CS program since I was a Cub, i.e. Tigers, 4 year program instead of three years, etc, I've only provided support for CS activities instead of being actively involved. Also I am used to a totally different Scouting environment. I grew up in a city where 90+ member packs were the norm and CS day camp easily had 200+ Cubs attending with a nursery/day care for leaders with little ones. I am now in a rural area where 30-40 member packs are large, and day camp is lucky to get 30 people attending. So I will be asking a lot of questions so I can get the training I need and be prepared.




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I'd recommend taking some/all the online trainings




Orientation Training

Fast Start: Cubmaster

Fast Start: Tiger Cub Den Leaders

Fast Start: Webelos Den Leaders

Fast Start: Wolf/Bear Cub Scout Den Leaders

Fast Start: Pack Committee


Supplemental Training

Safe Swim Defense Retake Course

Safety Afloat Retake Course

Weather Hazards Retake Course

Youth Protection Training


To recieve your "Trained" Stripe you need to take New Leader Essentials (This is not offered online) Your position specific training (online), and Youth Protection Training (Online)


The other suplemental trainings above are all good ones to take as well.





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