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Welcome to the forums. In reference to fixed bladed knives, the BSA does not have a prohibition against them, they are just "strongly discouraged." Now some states and municipalities do have laws against them, i.e. it is illegal to have a fixed blade knife in Chapel Hill, NC.

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Thanks for the welcome, Eagle92. Yep, scouts, parents, and leaders need to keep in mind relevant laws. What may be permissable at home may be prohibited in a neighboring state where an event is taking place. Also, some municipalities may have more restrictive regulations than would apply out of town.


I know that there is no outright prohibition of fixed blades, despite the persistant reptitition that there is. Nevertheless, many camps and some councils or troops have chosen to completely ban them. This strikes me as a failure to lead. Its easier to "just say no" than to educate scouts and hold them accountable for their actions. (Sorry for the topic creep.)

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