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Dennis Bogan of Boy Scout Troop 264 received a certificate of appreciation from Montgomery County Executive Isiah Leggett (D) for his 25 years in Scouting, the last 19 as scoutmaster of the troop.


"Needless to say, I was very honored and surprised," Bogan said.


Assistant Scoutmaster Dale Bickel said it was well deserved.


"Dennis is great with the boys and just loves the ideals of Scouting," he said. "He relates to kids and they all like him."


The presentation took place at the April 28 troop meeting.


"The boys were all very impressed and they paid attention," Bickel said. "They gave Dennis a big round of applause."


Bogan says he remains involved with Boy Scouts because of the benefits it provides to the boys.


"The youth need a good role model and a program that offers skills, leadership training, life-long friendships," he said.


Troop 264 has been serving the greater Olney area since 1927 and meets at St. John's Episcopal Church. Visit www.troop264olney.net.



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This is rare, and should be applauded.


I have only met a few. One started at scoutmaster at 18, and he was now in his 50's and still SM.. Another was from our Troop, he did not stay as SM, but had about 20 years but was in scouting before that and after that, he was active still (yet somewhat not so involved.) I forget what his years were but they were awesome. Another has been in it for life too, I am unsure if he was ever SM though.. District, National, must be in his 80's but he is still so full of life and energy I could not keep up with him.


Another from our troop was never SM, but was big in district.. Now he still remains on the Eagle board, but he should be retired only no one has a heart. In truth he shouldn't be driving anymore as he can't remember something from 5 minutes back. Kids don't relate to him too well either if he becomes their advisor for their Eagle project.


Some of it is great, if the SM is able to grow and change with the times. If not, it may not be so good to stay as SM..

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My 3rd Scoutmaster is celebrating his 40th anniversary as SM this year (and we were not the 1st Troop he was SM for, either). It is a large Troop (since he took the reins) - they re-registered just under 100 this year - and he has a number of ASMs and other registered adults (I counted 55) who assist him with the Troop.


Now, mind you, in 1969 when I joined the Troop there were 20 or so Scouts - and before he took over there had been six Eagles in the history of the Troop (since 1955). Since he took over there have been more than 250 over those 40 years.


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My father was a Scoutmaster for 40 years (now he is the Committee Chairman and my little brother is the SM). The Scoutmaster of Troop 174 in Albuquerque has been there for over 40 years!

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