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Girl Scout + Cub Scout day camp?

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I wouldnt say sarcastic, more on the lines of " I wonder what he is trying to say", I mean Frankenstein is a story with many themes, the re-animation of dead tissue, a creator who abandons his creation, the need to be loved, I didn't get the gist of your point.


Now, then, as the same often (!) happens to me, don't worry about it

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The topic here was to open Cub Scout camp to others, not merging with other groups. I welcome Del-Mar-Va Council's experiment as it may increase membership (albeit just from boys) and lead to improved summer camp programs as we get ideas from others. Or maybe it just keeps another scout camp from going under financially. I for one would take the swimming program from Y-camps or 4-H over what I have seen at our Cub Scout Camps. I would settle for 4-H's prohibition against candy and other junk food at the camp store.


But forget program, lets put on a council hat and think just money (you know the ones who see it is easier to sell a camp, than grow a camp). 4-H camps in my state are in sad shape this summer - a well did not get drilled at one, another had maintenance/cost issues, anyway the situation was so bad that 4-H told members to use camps in Maine and Mass. What an opportunity missed to get that business and maybe new members. Meanwhile anybody wanna buy an airshow ticket $25 a head?


Another example of short sightedness is a that a unit should be able to invite a non-scout along for a camp week on a space available basis. Good for the the boy and good for us. 'Harrumph, butta butta no way says Council because well because (you pick an non-justification - insurance, never been done, can't participate in the program without a uniform can't wear a uniform without being a member, what no advancement...)' For the MBA-wannabees call it an Outreach program and add the headcount, but make it happen.


I think the 100th year of Scouting would be a great time to put out the welcome mat to non-scouts to attend scout camp.


My $0.02

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