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Clarification on Med Forms Part C

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On Part C of the Annual medical Form there is a part where the parent is to list who can and cannot transport a scout to and from an activity.


I have always interpreted this as being who can drop off, and more importantly who cannot pick up a scout from say camp or a meeting. If for instance you had an ugly custody fight and needed to say your ex was not allowed to pick up your son.


Some others have interpreted it to mean who can drive a scout to say a camping trip. If it means this then we have to have parents say "any adult designated by the Scoutmaster" --- which would make the question meaningless --- or we have to list every parent that might ever drive to a campout.


We do of course verify all the necessary insurance and other qualifications for folks driving to campouts. This question is just about the form.


Can someone shed light on how to interpret and use this passage?



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As a guess I would say the transport authorizations/restrictions would apply to council and district events, including summer camp under the circumstances where a Scout leaves the event early. In an ideal world the scheduled drivers would be listed on a tour permit.


At council summer camps the forms are turned over camp management. On early release the driver would complete a second form authorizing transport which is required by National Camp Standards. Since they've issued the forms they are stuck with matching up the names similar to the process at a school. I have difficulty thinking there is applicability on a troop event level as I do not need another job.

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