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Troop acconting program

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I was wondering what accounting program different troops use. We are currently using a basic/generic accounting package and not overly happy with it. I've been looking at a Scouting specific package but not 100% sold on it either.


Just wondering what others are using to track monies (dues, expenses, etc.) for their troop.

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Most units use Troopledger with TroopMaster. One thing that it deosn't do well though is Scout accounts. Our Pack has used Quickbooks Pro for a couple of years now and the Troop is converting to it next year. It's not cheap, but it handles anything that you want it to. Additionally it has the advantage of most small business people being familiar with the software.

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I've looked at a demo of TroopLedger and I liked parts of it. It did seem to be geared towards a scouting dues system where scouts pay per meeting/campout or something like that. More of a 'pay as you go' type or pre-pay system .


However we bill our dues and camping fees in a lump sum only a couple of times per year. Dues are billed in September and campouts and such are charged to their account during the year. Then we send out invoices/statements to our scouts showing a balance due.


I think TL might be able to handle this but I think it's a little off it's normal operating mode.


We currently are able to email our statements out which saves a bunch of postage. Unfortunately, TL doesn't do this but I was told it might in the future...just not now.

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