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Pack Committee Chair with question

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Hello all from Wisconsin. I'm the committee chair for a pack of around 50 Cub Scouts, and discovered this forum last month. Prior to signing up as a Tiger leader and kool-aid lady three years ago, I knew nothing about scouts. This forum has a lot of great information.


I'm going to be coordinating the purchase of additional camping equipment for our pack, and have a question about dining canopies & rain flies. What types of shelters & dining/cooking canopies do all of you use for your packs and troops?



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When in Cubs, first try borrowing outdoor gear from a Scout troop (along with a couple of their scouts to erect flies). Maybe you could borrow some E-Z Up or similar canopies from Pack families?


Buying gear obviously costs $$$, then there is the storage and upkeep.

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I would agree -- borrow from Troop.


As an alternative I think good old Walmart "blue tarps" work well. You can just get a couple 2x2's at the lumber yard for poles and your set. That is what our Troop uses. Even in put away damp they won't be ruined.


A Scout is Thrifty...

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