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under what circumstances can a boy be kicked out

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Can council kick a boy out because of rumors that they might have heard about him. Nothing confirmed and most of them blow way out from the truth? Would they at least need to call the family and ask them what is going on or can they kick him out blindly?


We have a situation with a boy that I know and I want to make sure he is treated fairly.


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By the way, I can't go into specifics, so as to protect them child from further problems. He has always been a really good kid and he needs people to just mind their own business.


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If an allegation of sexual or physical abuse was made against the Scout, yes. The same standards apply to youth members which apply to adult leaders. If an allegation is made, the council may suspend the alleged perpetrator until an investigation is comcluded.

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Yah, hmmm...


Hard to answer that without specifics, eh?


Da BSA does have membership requirements. Generally they don't come up unless a lad or a family or adult leader choose to make a big deal about 'em.


Every now and then da BSA may remove the membership of a boy or adult for behavioral reasons, eh? Some behaviors (ex. sellin' drugs at camp, assault on another youth, etc.) are just incompatible with being a scout.


Mostly, councils just defer to da units, and only take up a membership issue after a unit has made a determination. But if a unit chooses to expel a scout or adult for a good reason, da council may well follow suit with a membership termination.


Yeh don't mention what your position is in all this, kittle. Unless you're on da council EB or are a principal leader (COR/CC/unit leader) of the lad's unit, I'm not sure yeh have any role in "making sure he's treated fairly". Yeh just have to trust that other good people will do their jobs.




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The council is a private organization. They can pretty much kick anyone out for any reason, just as anyone can choose to leave the organization at any time.


Now, for what they should do...I would think it would at least be courtesy to call the family.

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The Charter Organization owns the unit. It is their call who is in their unit, and who is not. They can kick anyone out of their unit, for any reason, or none at all.


If a CO ends a membership with their unit, they are supposed to notify Council ASAP so the registration can be pulled off of their charter.


It would then be up to council to say if the person looses his BSA membership completely/permanently, or if they are allowed to transfer to another BSA unit. Since BSA is a private organization, they also have the say on weather someone can, or can not be a member of BSA.


However, DE's are reluctant to loose even one youth because of the impact it can have on their performance, and salary. Therefore it would have to be a pretty big, nasty, issue, such as youth protection, in order for a DE to allow a youth to be kicked out of the BSA permanently.


If it is not a large issue like YP, and the CO has no problem with the boy staying in their unit, the council would/should not get involved.


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The answer lies in the BSA standards of continuing membership(SCM). NOTE, this is not a document available to the general public.

The issue, whatever it is, should be discussed with your Council Scout Executive (SE). He/she is the person you report allegations of abuse or inappropriate behavior to (see YPT and G2SS). The SE has access to the standards of continuing membership and can (should) provide guidance. If the contemplated action to remove ("kick a boy out of a unit")and it is the result of something other than a violation of the SCM that is a unit committee action and they, the unit committee, need to be ready to deal with any repercussions from the member or family.

Needless to say it is a touchy situation. Err on the side of caution and get guidance from your professional staff.

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Other fellow forum members have asked a similar question. Not can a council, but can a unit release a scouts membership.


As I understand.. Youth are primarily registered with a Pack/Troop. The unit is registered with the Council.


My own interpretation. A Scout has to be involved in misbehavior of some type and some level (alcohol, drugs, bullying, harassment, fighting, sexual misconduct, etc).


The unit after learning about the misbehavior would provide the details to the Council. The council would provide their recommendation back to the unit. Some may be gravely serious enough for the unit to revoke membership. The council would probably inform other local Scoutmasters of a youth whom has had serious misconduct.


I've met a few adults at work over the years. They would state "Yeah, I got kicked out of the Scouts". I usually asked, "Did you misbehave and deserve it? and Did you really get kicked out or did you just not go back?"


These adults are just a little more mature than they were years ago. After a few second, the honesty comes out, and the answer usually sounds like Yeah I misbehaved and yeah they didnt really kick me out, I just never went back.


As I read it. It is the unit committee/unit leader that determines the membership of a youth.



The answer I refer to is in the G2SS Chapter one.

"The unit committee should review repetitive or serious incidents of misbehavior in consultation with the parents of the child to determine a course of corrective action including possible revocation of the youth's membership in the unit.


If problem behavior persists, units may revoke a Scout's membership in that unit. When a unit revokes a Scout's membership, it should promptly notify the council of the action.


The unit should inform the Scout executive about all incidents that result in a physical injury or involve allegations of sexual misconduct by a youth member with another youth member."


Whether a Scout is revoked membership kicked out or disciplined. Hopefully the final punishment is sufficient with the error. If their membership is revoked, hopefully it keeps other Scouts safe. If not, hopefully the Scout has now learned how to behave safely around other youth.


Scouting Forever and Venture On!

Crew21 Adv




(This message has been edited by Crew21_Adv)

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I haven't had to deal with removing a Scout yet and hope I never do.


But I have had to have serious discussions with a Scout and his parents about appropriate and inappropriate ways to discuss things with others. The incident that caused the discussion with the Parents if it ever happens again will be plenty of reason to discontinue his membership - will I enjoy letting this youth continue life without Scouting if that ever becomes the case - NO. But the safety and welfare of ALL of the Scouts is as important as the development of ANY of the youth.


If I am not mistaken the program answer we generally work under is that a boy can be removed when issues of harm to himself or others arise.


What that harm arises to, that's the point where the rubber meets the road and where the hard questions come in, but sans specific - there's not much more to add.

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We had a child removed from scouting by council for making online threats. the troop was not told about it until the se showed up at a comm. meeting a week after the fact. The childs parents were in an upwar over it and accused the scoutmaster of wanting the child out. There should be a more open line of communication between the parents, scoutmaster and council. It was later learned that the police were investigating the child for cyberbullying and had infact removed the child from the home. The parents kept these facts from the troop and council so as not to affect the childs scouting status. btw the child was convected of cyberbullying. The se precieved a danger to the children of the troop and acted in its best interest.

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