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Yah, seemed like a good spin off.


Feel free to share scouting-related, non-scouting related, whatever.


Two conditions: only pranks in which all participants shared in the humor, and no "I hate pranks and if I were a participant I wouldn't have shared in the humor" responses. :)




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I am not sure it was an April fool's prank but it was a good one anyway.


Early in my career as a computer programmer I played one a couple coworkers. This was back in the MS-DOS days. I wrote a program that simulated the MS-DOS FORMAT command and put it in their autoexec.bat file so it would run it when they started their computer up in the morning. I waited one evening for them to leave so I could install it.


In the morning they started their computers. The computer program would display a simulated command prompt with the FORMAT C: command and then would ask them if the wish to procede. No matter what key they would press the program would display a Y for yes and then proceded to count heads, tracks and cylinders while it repeatably read a file off of the hard drive.


Their reactions were priceless at first both had a look of confusion on their faces. When they pressed N for no it got really funny. One coworker immediately hit the power switch. I had never seen him move so fast before. They other coworker began screaming and yelling. I never heard so much profanity strung together in one sentence before.


After calming both of them down they got a good chuckle out of it as well.

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I was a Assistant Food Service Director, my boss the Food Service Director's office was behind mine. To get to him you had to go through me and my office.

A meat salesman, making a sales call arrived one day.

While he was waiting he was trying to feel me out, asking what sort of chap my boss was?

I said that he was a very nice fellow and the only bad thing was that he was very deaf and refused to admit it or wear a hearing aid. In fact he was very touchy about it.

(My boss was not at all deaf.)

The salesman went into the inner office.

For the next 45 minutes he was yelling at my boss about how cheap his sausages were and how great his meat was.

I was in stitches.

When the salesman left, my boss came out and went on about how this guy had yelled at him for the last hour.

In the end I did fess-up.


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Eamon, most excellent.


Back in college, we had freshman chem labs starting at 7:00am and officially lasting 3 hours (really!). In December, we literally got to lab in the dark. Sometimes, not on time...The dorm dining room even had coffee and donuts up for us at 6am.

Some of us got together and decided one of our dorm floor mates needed an "initiation". So, the pigeon's roomie set his clock BACK three hours, set to go off (in reality) at 3am. The pigeon got up,looked at his clock, saw he was late for lab, threw on his clothes, went out in the hall to find the usual suspects up and getting ready for the day. He rushed out, across campus to find NO ONE at the lab. Coming home, he heard the campus clock striking 4:00. When he got back to the dorm, he found all doors locked and everyone back in bed.


Beavah: Didst thou receivest mine PM?

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This was one that my aunt played on my cousin as he had played a great one onher the year before.


My cousin had always known the County Sherriff. From both sides of the law. (He was the type of teen who got severall rides home.)


Anyway, there had been a B&E incident at a locall business. THe security camera had footage of the intruder. The sherriff, (not a deputy) stopped by my cousins house and asked him to come down to the station to tallkl with him about something. My cousing took his truck and went down there. The sherriff showed my cousin the video and asked him why he was breaking into place. He said that he knew it was my cousin. My cousin started sweating bulllets, because even he could not prove it was not him. Almost looked like a twin.


After about an hour of interrogation the Sherriff layed out an "Arrest Warrent" for my cousin. All lthis time my cousin has not payed attention to the date. The arrest warrent said, "Don't screw with mama, I will always get my revenge. April Fools"


That was one of the best. Even had the sherriffs department in on it. Gotta love her. Maybe I can come up with something good.

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Sent this email to my troop last April, all the links were active and my friend Annie real. My DE got very excited before he read the PS.


Mr Irish


185 Scouts,


It is with great excitement that I announce that Troop 185 will be switching its charter from Boy Scouts of America to Spiral Scouts International. http://www.spiralscouts.org/ The Spiral Scouts is a program for girls and boys of all faiths working, growing and learning together and is sponsored by the Aquarian Tabernacle Church.


Many of our community have expressed concern with the Deist focus of the Boy Scouts and when I met my friend Annie Pashal-Zimbal who runs the Minnesota Pagan Kids Circle in Lakeville last Beltane she turned me on to this much more inclusive program. Her son, Tycho's milk brother Merlin, is a Spiral Scout.


Effective today our group will change from Troop 185 of Metro Lakes to the Poisson Hearth of the Till Eulenspeigel Circle. The age range for Spiral Scouts is 9 to 13, younger kids are Fireflies. Advancement will be based on embracing a whole new pantheon of elder powers and lunar wisdom.


Our next meeting will concentrate on earning the athame toting chip, extra sensory perception and psychic communication. After that email notifications will cease, future information will be provided ethereally.


Tribal coordinator Daniel


PS Happy April Fools Day


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I used to work for a very wealthy individual who had many different businesses throughout the area. His payroll was handled by the office in which I was an employee in. All payroll checks were printed by the old impact printers so that all checks could go out in a pre-sealed envelop. Tear off the edges and you have a check. Well, these checks were all pre-signed.... Yeah, don't go into the comptroller's office and tell him there are two missing checks in the sequence of check numbers.


I'm thinking that was the last April Fool's prank I ever played, it took me years to grow back my eyebrows.... There are some things you just don't ever want to see in your life.... :)



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Some questionably aimed ones on Scouts-L today. One, regarding the Jamboree brought a post from the National Commissioner about not being funny, even April 1st.


Trouble with these kind of jokes is that less seasoned scouters may not recognize that they are "jokes"; and even a few seasoned ones may misconstrue things. That can lead to some truly unfortunate outcomes.



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I think it was last year that one of the major patch collecting sites stated that lodge names were going to be replaced by council names, since national no longer uses lodge numbers. Lots of upset scouters.

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One, regarding the Jamboree brought a post from the National Commissioner about not being funny, even April 1st.


Yah, had to go over to scouts-l.org to check it out.


I personally thought it was quite funny, though da satire was perhaps a bit sharp. Tico and da national office really need to get a humor transfusion, eh? Or at least learn to take some lightly critical satire with good grace.


Reproduced here so yeh can share in the fun:



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About 20 years ago, a friend and his wife went on vacation. They asked her brother to keep an eye on the house, not knowing that we already had some plans. Using 2X4's, drywall, joint compound and paint, we built a small wall in the hallway thus eliminating the bedrooms from the house. We set up a video to enjoy the hilarity that ensued when they got home.


Unknown to us, his toolbox was in the walled off section, so he needed a steak knife to cut through the drywall.


Yea, we're still friends and fellow ASM's

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"I think it was last year that one of the major patch collecting sites stated that lodge names were going to be replaced by council names, since national no longer uses lodge numbers. Lots of upset scouters. "


Did you see what he came up with this year about new requirements for Vigil to make it fair?

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