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Hi, from Ohio, committee chair

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Hi all,


I've been committee chair for my son's troop (he's 12) since March of this year. I really thought all I had to do was be the head of the parent group to coordinate between the Scoutmaster and the parents. I've seen on here that the committee chair's are really expected to know more and do more. I'm also a Girl Scout leader (one of 3) for my daughter's troop so I'm not new to scouting. I do help out at meetings for the BS troop and even attended Fall camp last year when my husband couldn't go due to knee surgery. I actually like all the outdoorsy things in Boy Scouts so that's not a problem.


I'm just on here trying to pick up new information on things that I'm not sure of.



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I am in Ohio also. I am a committee member. Hubby is scoutmaster. I am also secretary/treasurer/chief paper pusher (meaning I keep up with the scouts records, handouts and everything else you can imagine). We do work very closely with the committee chair. We have been in scouts with our chairman for 11+ years so that is a plus for us.


One word of advice TRAINING. I have taken training that is not required for my position just so that I have a better understanding overall.


Welcome again and there is lots of wisdom on this forum.





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Hi Lisa,


Welcome from another Ohio Scouter who was a scout in the '50s and '60s. Currently, I'm an Assistant Scoutmaster in Dayton, Ohio, whose son finally made Eagle Scout.


Like kbandit says, stay tuned because you'll learn a lot on this forum. Don't forget to have fun ;) , and thanks for volunteering your time and skills for our kids!

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