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I like upside down pie...


2. Cobbler, any and all.

3. mince meat

4. Breakfast Pie (pie crust filled with sausage, bacon, chunked ham, and scrambled eggs, then topped with a flapjack. That then gets a small amount of maple syrup.

5. ...taking apps...the sho fly sounds good.

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Ah, but with the cobbler, does not one also put PIE filling in said cobbler? Therefore, this can only be considered as both part of the pie family and the cake family.


1. Shepard's Pie

2. Pizza Pie

3. Cobbler

4. Any pie someone else makes that I get to eat.

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OMG Oldwildernesstrail...yer killin' me!!!!


And now, ladies and gentlemen, for your consideration:


Beverage to have with pie: Coffee vs. Hot Chocolate vs. Milk vs. Soda

vs. Anything-I-Haven't-Mentioned.




Personally, I prefer coffee with pie. (perked, not drip, milk & 2 sugars.)

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If it is pie with Ice Cream you need something warm. My favorite would be coffee, black. If there is no Ice Cream then you need something cold, milk is good. Now, if the pie itself is cold then you need coffee no matter what.


The coffee has to be good coffee. Drinking any of that coffee that eats your stomach away just ruins the pie. You need coffee that is smooth. I personally love Costa Rican coffee. I also find that the coffee is best from a french press, but the beans have to be ground up perfectly. To fine and you end up with gritty coffee. To coarse and the coffee doesn't achieve it's full flavor.


A good capachino wouldn't be bad either, but it can't be watered down very much.

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1. Tastykake French Apple pie


2. Tastykake French Apple pie


3. Tastykake French Apple pie


4. Tastykake French Apple pie


5. Tastykake French Apple pie


Not a lot of variety in my top five favorites, but if you know what you like, why worry about it!


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Do you like Tastycakes new box? Now they have an aluminum pan inside where before it was all paper. Not as eco friendly, I say.

Used to date a girl who worked in the TK HQ in Baltimore. She even took credit for the creation of TK's breakfast Danish. hummm.


Daughter sez she prefers "naked pie", that is to say, pie filling sans crust. Just sweet goo.

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Once I had a roommate who generously made strawberry rhubarb pie with rhubarb from her family's farm. The next morning she came down while I was having a slice for breakfast. With horror she exclaimed, "Pie for breakfast?!?" as she opened up her customary Poptart, that she normally had every morning. At last I have a found a forum to ask. How is breaking ones fast on freshly baked home made pie worse than consuming days old pastry crust and fruit filling baked in a factory and aseptically packaged in mylar foil?

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