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Has the new Scouter magazine been mailed out yet?

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Really? I got mine 3 weeks ago! LOL!


Nah seriously, I was wondering where mine was too. But I wasn't gonna be the first to say anything since the last one was my first and I wasn't sure of the schedule.


But noticed the online version ( which is not even close to good) has been out for about 3 or 4 weeks.

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I haven't received the latest one yet either. Considering that my council finally cashed my membership renewal check last month that I gave to them back in November, it doesn't surprise me that my subscription is late.

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Originally, I started to wonder if , maybe the first issue was free, but you were supposed to check a box or let them know you want to continue the free subscription.


Problem was, I didn't see any thing of that nature.


Maybe it's coming right behind the MB requirements.

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