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When is it necessary to have a ScoutParent actually register as a volunteer

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What are others doing??? That was your question.


You stated that the fast growth has overwhelmed you. I have to ask how you did that? I am trying to units to increase membership by 25-30% yearly and you have had a 500% increase!!! WOW!!! With a unit of 10, what was your adult/youth ratio? Was it 4/10? something better maybe? Your leadership must have grown by at least a factor of 5 to support the growth. so a TC of 20 may be necessary to support the troop. Assume you have 5-6 patrols of 7-8 boys, an SPL, ASPL(or two), TGs, QM, HST, SCR, LIB, etc. Each patrol could have a ASM (plus a Scout Parent for two-deep), Leadership Corps another ASM and a SM. That is 8 adults, not including a solid and active TC. So how many are enough?

Just as I was writing this, I have to ask if it is a financial concern about registering an extra 20 adults? That can be a significant obstacle for small troops, but you are no longer a small troop, and need to look ahead to big recharter expenditures to support your program. Hopefully someone will take a look at your future growth of boys and look for future growth of adults.

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