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Does anyone have the plans for the spider web team building game? It's the game where you have to pass all of the patrol members thru squares made up like a spider web without touching any of the ropes. Don't remember how big the squares should be. We want to use it this weekend at an indoor camp as part of a patrol competition day.


Hope someone can help. Thanks!



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The spider web is a COPE low course element. There is some danger associated with this. Ideally, you want a certified COPE director or instructor to facilitate the event but if that isn't an option, here are a few pointers for you:


Feet first! Going through head first greatly increases chance of injury.

Make sure everyone is spotting the person going through.

If it gets rowdy, don't be afraid to stop the event.

Make sure that you are over a soft surface.


I also generally discourage use of elements in timed competition as this generally leads to increased safety risks. Also, one of the philosophies of COPE is that there are no winners or losers; it's about achieving something together.


Here's a picture that may help you get an idea of sizing: http://img42.imageshack.us/img42/5205/1006477jpg.jpg


Let me know if you have any more questions and I'll see if I can help.

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It's OK for the patrol to think of it as competition, but it's not something they should hear from the facilitator. The objective of the game is to get everyone through. The purpose however is what happens after the game. The patrol should have a chance to do a reflection, so they can discover how they made decisions, how they felt when ideas were accepted or rejected, who was the leader, and how planning and working together they can accomplish something difficult.

Skipping the reflection is wasting a growth opportunity. This is a game with a purpose. Don't just do the game.


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Here's what I remember from my experiences:



1. Each member of the patrol must pass through the web.

2. You may only use a "hole" one time.

3. If the web moves (or use a bell / chime tied to the middle)or if the bell "rings", everyone starts over.

4. Once you're on the other side, you can't go back around and help someone through.

5. If the holes aren't big enough - you may allow them to intentionally "stretch" the hole, provided it doesn't ring the bell.



1. Usually between two trees. Never seen this done indoors, so not sure how the tie-offs would work (maybe between 2 tripods?).

2. Be sure to make a few holes low enough to step through on your own, and to cover any "larger" kids you may have.


What they eventually figure out:

1. Having Energetic Eddie jump through the big hole on the bottom as soon as you say go means the patrol now has to figure out how to get Large Larry through the only remaining hole 4 ft off the ground.

2. Even if they send Large Larry through the one on the bottom, they may still need to realize that the last person through will need a lower hole as well.

3. As always with group events - one person directing movement is usually needed.


Parachute cord will probably work best - but others may have had success with other rope types as well. You really don't need plans - just eyeball it as you go - it should be quickly apparent during set-up if you need to make the holes bigger or smaller. As for timing the event - if you don't want it to be a "competition" between the patrols, just see who can improve their time the most, (in seconds or % - like they do on Biggest Loser on TV) - that way it's an internal challenge vs. direct competition.


Let us know how it goes.


FYI - the Spider Web description in the syllabus shown in the link above is on pg 168 of the pdf file.





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Thanks for all the help. We did the Spider Web, and the kids really enjoyed it. We also had competitions in knot tying, lashing, firebuilding, first aid, a scavenger hunt, and a dessert cook off.

The weather cooperated and it was a great weekend!



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