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My son is a Life Scout who has recently started working on an Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project.

Part of the fundraising for the project, he would like to communicate (meet in person if possible) with an Eagle Scout from the 1920's. I realize that this would make the man in his mid to high 90's, but there is a possibility.

It doesn't matter where in the world that the 1920's Eagle Scout lives, just so he earned Eagle Scout in the USA and my son can communicate with him.

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Although I do not know an Eagle Scout of that age, you may contact NESA, the National Eagle Scout Association, who may be able to point you in the correct direction.


I suggest your son make the contact, his efforts will be better received, as this is his project.


Tell your son to keep at it, the trail to eagle is a rewarding and life changing experiance.




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Thanks for the information. He is in the process of tracking down a couple of 1920's Eagles. A First Class Scout will work if he can't find an Eagle. Thanks for the heads up tip.


Where does he live? Do you live near him? We live in south central Pennsylvania. If he is close maybe I'll drive my son to conduct an inteview. If he lives too far away, does he have a web cam or can one be made available for my son to conduct an inteview?



Raymond Hess


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