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two deep and electronic communication?

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Just curious, I have been invited to be friends on a couple of social networking sites with a number of youth scouts.


What are your thought????


I have chosen not to add them to my friends list. Nothing personal a couple of the young men are fantastic boys. Just avoiding any possible issues.

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Basement dweller, in as far as electronic communication with youth, stick to format's that are either public or leave a permanat record avaliable to all parents and leadrers. This is my best advice.


Email is good, copy other leaders, and the child's parent/guardian. Email can also be printed or moved to Word to work from, great for project work and planning.


Social Networking is a hot topic. I suggest a Unit page, and keep all communication on it. Make all scouts, scouters, and parents friends of the unit - the owner of the page, and keep everything public.


IM/text is bad, it's one and one, with no hard copy left - don't use text or IM with youth members.


Good phone use practices will pay off. 1. Call the boys home phone, not his cell. 2. Ask his parent, tell them why your calling, and ask to speak with the boy. The parent can stay on the line if they choose.


Good practices will prevent nasty policy changes.

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As a member of one of those "social networking" sites myself, it has been suggested to me by one of my Scouts mother's that I add her son as a friend. Like Basementdweller I have not done that. Something too familiar about that action for me, I think. It allows the Scout too much access to my personal life and friends. There is a fine line between adult association and social networking . . .


83_Eagle, I think that the social networking sites are very public and things posted there, whether words or photos, will last forever, it is the Internet after all.

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